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  1. so much for sanctions (part 2)
  2. Putins popularity hits 87%
  3. Public wifi internet in Russia..? Your passport please!
  4. Where have we seen this scenario before...?
  5. African country in distress
  6. Russophobia
  7. F O to the Foreign Office!
  8. One more plane has falled down, now in Iran, 40 dead
  9. EXXON and the sanctions...
  10. Humanitarian mission approved to Lugansk ... ???
  11. Robin Williams dead.....sad!
  12. Pope Petro changes Ukrainian coins
  13. Yanks can't get any Kalshnikov's anymore
  14. Hearts and minds
  15. Do you use FlyBE??
  16. sanctions/ greek fruits/ lying wholesaler
  17. it is -your- tax money that keeps the USA afloat
  18. Eurozone 'German economy ' sinking
  19. and now for the fake -imports-
  20. Finally they catch up with Cliff!
  21. Separatist..(?) leader Strilkov home sick?
  22. Some problems in Ferguson, Missouri, USA
  23. Ukraine fiasco
  24. Russia and Finland,BIG friends
  25. 86% of Americans don't know where Ukraine is
  26. effect of ukraine crisis on russian economy?
  27. Stupid Americans and Evil Russians. Hard flame!
  28. Constant 'further sanctions' dribble is dead as a door nail.
  29. 1st Sept GPS accuracy to reduce in Russia - local GPS sites shutting down
  30. Reverse Flow Gas Testing Begins
  31. Yazidi men in training camps
  32. Makarevich to lose his awards?
  33. Stocking up on favourite imports?
  34. Show your approval and support for Novorossia
  35. Will Obama be stripped off the Nobel Prize?...
  36. four Mc D's closed....
  37. The Putin phenomenon
  38. It's alive, Tesla Tower
  39. Aid convoy presses forward as Russia loses patience
  40. F. William Engdahl on MH17
  41. UK women, and not only, going to fight in Syria
  42. Respect for Truth No Longer Exists
  43. Бура́н et al
  44. Child abuse, the Church is not alone...
  45. NATO expansion
  46. Payment Only in Rubles
  47. Further sanctions: SWIFT next?
  48. sanctions Germany buy no more caviar, diamonds
  49. Clashes on sidelines of Stockholm neo-Nazi rally
  50. the Chocolate King is finished......
  51. Rebel Rockers video goes viral
  52. BRICS Bank will end the dollar
  53. 30 Wasted Years..
  54. Poroshenko and Putin agree on a permanent Ceasefire in Donbass
  55. Russia Today vs Ukraine Today
  56. The extractive deep state; The Zero-Sum Game of Perpetual War
  57. Global Firepower List
  58. Damned if you do, damned if you don't
  59. Estonian spy arrested in Russia
  60. Scotland's Referendum
  61. Common Law
  62. Highway robbery
  63. Scary!
  64. Collapse of the Russian economy
  65. Putin’s Major Achievements
  66. 9/11, where have you been when it happened?
  67. American planes unsafe - staff who make them won't fly them
  68. 6th graders to compare Bush to Hitler
  69. NATO at the heart of a new Cold War
  70. Now Kerry come calling, to hell with him
  71. Ian Paisley has died
  72. U.S./Russia
  73. Putinism in Europe
  74. The first Mistral has left port
  75. VV welcomes the latest sanctions...
  76. NATO-Government-Media Complex
  77. TV Dozhd Producer Attacked
  78. Scottish independence - who will win?
  79. Media Stereotypes
  80. How low will it go?
  81. One for Russian Lad -Zimbabwe
  82. Far-right Sweden Democrats
  83. Usmanov Buys VKontakte
  84. From London banker to ISIS militant
  85. Russian missiles go into ship wreck
  86. Nigel Farage tells EU to 'grow up'
  87. Scotland NO to -independence-
  88. Everyone thank Pakistanis-We Just Saved Britain
  89. Medvedev on sanctions
  90. Khodorkovsky for president?
  91. Agafia's Story on RT
  92. Congrats to India. 'Mangalyaan' enters orbit
  93. US Top Racist to Resign
  94. No more VOIP (internet telephone)?
  95. Russia Speeds Up Law to Ban Most Foreign Web Services
  96. This war is all about the US dollar nothing more
  97. Is British politics about to be re-shaped?
  98. Fantastika please watch this movie
  99. Tian An Men in the remaking?
  100. The Fed Bank
  101. Hidden Secrets Of Money
  102. if THAT is true, i would pi** my pants!
  103. The rich just keep getting richer, Forbes 400
  104. Big Trouble in Little Hong Kong
  105. Catalonia Independence
  106. Statues of Lenin
  107. Russian Airstrikes Against Nazi Terrorists
  108. More Washington Lies
  109. US secret service
  110. Russia's brain drain...
  111. Dresden-25 years ago
  112. Do any of you expats believe the Kremlin's version of events?
  113. Shells of Unknown Origin hit Schools, Apartments, etc.
  114. Russia's Rosy Future
  115. all over sudden -Russia is sufficently advanced-
  116. Looks like Uncle Sam wants to play ball with Kremedia
  117. The Times Goes Crazy with Anti Russian Conspiracy Theory
  118. nanny, housekeper
  119. Kerch Strait Bridge to be built despite Western pressure
  120. CIA writes the news says German reporter
  121. China just overtook the US to become the world's largest economy
  122. Euro going down the drain?
  123. Wall Street - Biggest Drop so far this year
  124. Peace Nobel Price,2 worthy winners
  125. A most deserving Nobel Prize winner - Malala Yousafzi, 17
  126. World War 3: U.S. Will Lose To Russia, China, Says
  127. Saudi Arabia at war with Russia!
  128. We're number 1! In violence that is
  129. Serbia prepares hero’s welcome for Putin
  130. The Dreaded 'D' Word
  131. South Korean War Mongers Prodded By Sinister US.
  132. The civil war in Ukraine, series #2
  133. Putin's Next Move
  134. Overkill?
  135. Who needs Bombs?
  136. VV press conference in Milan, great reply
  137. "I'm so incredibly proud of him," Vice President Biden said
  138. Why does Putin not like NATO?
  139. Germany: Intelligence Agency Says Pro-Russia Rebels Downed MH17
  140. Vladimir Putin Threatens West with Russia’s 5,000 Nuclear Warheads
  141. McDonald's Menu Is Driving Away Cash-Strapped Customers
  142. Mystery of the Russian Submarine
  143. Air catastrophe in VKO - RIP 4 persons onboard Falcon jet
  144. More Hypocrisy & Sanctions - Shamil Tarpischev demonized by Western media
  145. I guess the Russian government doesn't read expat.ru buys more gold
  146. Russia Banks $32 Billion Buffer to Help Pay Debt Amid Crunch
  147. They will print anything even if in bad taste.
  148. Obama to Destroy America after November Election
  149. Ottawa Parliament Shooting
  150. CIA overthrew Australian government - Whitlam died
  151. Russia launches first-ever gas trading in St Petes
  152. Three major nations absent as China launches World Bank
  153. economic situation in russia
  154. Hundreds Give Up U.S. Passports After New Tax Rules Start
  155. MH17 prosecutor open to theory another plane shot down airliner: Der Spiegel
  156. Whiners
  157. Fantastic news,Russia visa-free regime with...
  158. Space launches - failures and successes
  159. America - Israel relationship
  160. Russia Today UK
  161. Assad's warnings start to ring true in Turkey
  162. Space travel, in your dreams!
  163. Washington tries to check Hungary's drift into Kremlin orbit
  164. The Y.E.
  165. another BUSH in the making?
  166. Putin Tops Forbes World’s Most Powerful People
  167. Looking for a job? MI5 recruiting Russian speakers
  168. US mid-term elections - Republicans' greatest victory in 88 years
  169. Belgium 'austerity' Protests
  170. another 9/11 date to remember
  171. and there is still one more 9/11 to remember
  172. Referendum Katalanien
  173. Russia, China sign framework agreement on second mega gas deal
  174. China Set to Pump Billions Into Russian Real Estate Construction
  175. Hollywood Insider Exposes False Flag Terror
  176. The Secret Casualties of Iraq’s Abandoned Chemical Weapons
  177. Swiss Franc Cap Tested as Gold Bugs Push Referendum
  178. "lack of transparency" was key in fooling 'stupid Americans'
  179. The network of global corporate control,
  180. Western media has a cow about "Coatgate"
  181. Four Americans Deported
  182. Five banks fined £2bn for foreign exchange rigging
  183. Bankers in the West versus Iran
  184. Cartoon about the federal reserve
  185. The Big Stink
  186. Slavery......
  187. Good news gold bugs, ISIS is your new pal
  188. Bad news for dollar dummies
  189. G20
  190. Abkhazia
  191. Pussy Riot in London
  192. BANNED!!
  193. Climatologist: 30-Year Cold Spell Strikes Earth
  194. Putin Said to Stun Advisers by Backing Corruption Crackdown
  195. Sociopathic Liar Obama to Accelerate Destruction of Traditional America
  196. Putin Just Gave All Russians the Right to Carry a Rifle Anywhere
  197. NASA Image Shows Signs Of Life On Mars
  198. Pro-Russian Activity Raises Concerns in Latvia
  199. Biden dodges angry mob in Ukraine
  200. 12 Year Old Boy Shot Dead by US of A Police
  201. Spanner,Poker cheat,drunks and Nukes.
  202. A Bad night for Daesh (IS)
  203. South Stream Cancelled ,Gazprom to build Black Sea pipeline to Turkey
  204. Express -revealed- 5 plane bombs at X mas
  205. Disgusting Russian Media at it Again with More Lies and Falsehoods
  206. New Ukrainian Finance Minister
  207. 18 New OBI Stores for Russia
  208. Palestinian Territories: Hamas Test Fires Rockets
  209. The way I see it Western E.U. point of view Pt 1.
  210. CIA Torture Report
  211. Germany-anti-immigration protest
  212. Lithuania: Security Forces On High Alert
  213. Congress OKs bill banning US purchase of Russian-made rocket engines
  214. Sydney hostage drama
  215. Pakistan,they should be all shot w/out a trial...
  216. Teaching English in Russia these days...
  217. Nukes in Crimea
  218. Russia says its number of poor people is likely to increase.
  219. USA sucking up to Cuba
  220. USA Budget, done at midnight, at its best
  221. VV's speech on the MT
  222. so it will be 2 years Borodino and buckwheat?
  223. Hollande starts to brake away?
  224. Public discontent to rise in the Gulf States?
  225. American's laugh at two policemen killed
  226. 500 to get executed
  227. Malay plane, new evidence and facts?
  228. Sochi 'fully booked'
  229. Russia's Chance of 'reform'
  230. now that makes a change from all the gloom and doom talk!
  231. France's Unemployment, Record High
  232. The $h!t is going in USA (comprehensive)
  233. Another 3.2 in Russia's coffer ca cing!
  234. The Pain Isn't Going to End Soon
  235. Vodka Prices
  236. Rusmeister, what did I tell you?:)
  237. Ukraine's Economic Woes Create Problems in Kyiv
  238. Oliver Stone ("JFK," "Nixon," etc.) Making Films about Edward Snowden, Victor Yanukovich
  239. it stays in the family,Bush vs.Clinton
  240. Fresh Russian Vehicles Are Showing Up In Eastern Ukraine
  241. Russian Woman Says Charged With 'Inciting Ethnic Hatred' for Posts on Ukraine Crisis
  242. economic situation in USA
  243. 9 Days 40 Nights
  244. economic situation in the eu
  245. economic situation in Guinea
  246. Police find No Motive in Paris Attack
  247. if you don`t like the way we do things - GET OUT!
  248. 70% fewer immigrants to Russia...
  249. Ukrainian Prime Minister claims Russia invaded Germany in World War 2
  250. 53rd Russian Air Defense Brigade