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  1. TEFL.....not today......TDFL!!!!!
  2. McCain:Russia is a gas station
  3. Just had to share this headline
  4. Cosmological inflation theory possibly confirmed
  5. Miffed Greenpeace sues Russia
  6. Guinness boycotts St. Patrick's parade in NYC
  7. Russian Army Takes First Blood
  8. $33 Million Fabergé egg found in the American midwest
  9. Who was Stepan Bandera?
  10. Migraine alert!!!!!!!
  11. Republic of Venice!?
  12. Russia Without Illusions......NYT!
  13. USA does NOT allow Texas to secede!
  14. Tymoshenko leaked tape
  15. Medvedev's Dream
  16. Are the 'mighty' falling
  17. The vultures and shyster lawyers are moving in already
  18. Ukraine to hike domestic gas prices by 50 percent to meet IMF demands
  19. More Corrupt Politicians arrested by FBI
  20. Yanukovich to appear in Rostov on Don Again!
  21. If you can't beat them join them......
  22. 29th March turn off the lights for 1 hour!
  23. Queen Lizzy has staying power!
  24. -Ali Baba and the 40 Thieves-, at least the press still has some humor left
  25. Russia Attempts Worlds Domino Record
  26. Russia being isolated..?
  27. Has Putin Sh!t Himself
  28. Health alert issued!!
  29. Chevrolet so far recalled 6.5 million cars
  30. Hollande got what he deserved!
  31. MT writes drivel again
  32. Will the circulation of all foreign currencies be banned in RF?
  33. Crimea by Roger Fenton, 1855
  34. Is NATO raising tensions?
  35. who needs the CIA?
  36. BBC's one sided coverage
  37. We're being dragged into a new Cold War
  38. Who will be the "Ruler" in Crimea?
  39. Young European Alliance for Hope,YEAH
  40. Bush sen. Michelangelo for sure he is not
  41. -Operation Paperclip- wonder how many Americans know about it
  42. Tragic news
  43. Ukraine Turmoil Leaves Zoo Animals Starving
  44. Pro-Moscow protesters seize arms in Ukraine, declare republic; Kiev fears invasion
  45. Russian -Bin Laden- is finally!dead
  47. Saakashvili on the -mad King-
  48. Voting laws:Mr.Clinton is worried
  49. Gorbachev to go on trial ?
  50. Arrival in Donetsk
  51. Boston's finest are great indeed!
  52. Hillary Clinton dodges shoe
  53. Russia's Foreign Ministry is warning Russians if they go abroad, US might snatch them
  54. -salaries- of the Obama's
  55. How free is the US media ?
  56. Is the US or the World Coming to an End?
  57. Viiktor Tsoi....CIA agent!
  58. BRICS
  59. USA/Pakistan: who needs -friends- like that?
  60. Germans selling gas to Ukraine
  61. Article in Moscow Times- Russian Birth Tourism in U.S.
  62. Russia lighting the fuse in Ukraine?
  63. USA help for Ukraine
  64. Kiev's military trying to win public opinion in East
  65. The Economist is demanding sanctions
  66. US plane in Tehran,oh what a story!
  67. Refugees from Syria
  68. Differenxce between US news and Russian News
  69. Korea ferry Drama,tantamount to murder
  70. the kid and 5h flight to Hawaii
  71. D'oh, the irony.......
  72. Lunchbox Joe arrives in Kiev
  73. Russian social network founder says he has been fired
  74. Russia no gas, Crimea no water...
  75. 3D Virtual Reality is Here!
  76. New York Times backtracks
  77. Obama positions Lurch
  78. Kerry attacks RT during Ukraine address
  79. Four Americans Deported from Russia
  80. N Korea arrest an USA student
  81. What's happening with Obama?
  82. Be carful what you wish for...
  83. Zhiri can't go to Canada...
  84. Russian Internet 'One Step Away' From Chinese Firewall
  85. India pays Russia for arms to Afghanistan
  86. Want to restrict Internet - eat this, kleptocrats
  87. Would you agree with this assessment?
  88. Jews against Zionism.
  89. if there was a silly sanction, than this is one
  90. NATO official: Russia now an adversary
  91. People's Guard, Voluntary People's Druzhina signed into law by Putin
  92. Carl Bildt blaming the victims
  93. Real..or fake?
  94. CIA and FBI in the Ukraine as advisors?
  95. Mainstream media distorting Odessa events
  96. so whats this all mean for the rest of us here?
  97. Predictions
  98. US Army has a hairy problem
  99. Reviving the Cold War
  100. Vote for international investigation of the Odessa events 2-3 May 2014!
  101. Propaganda raises its ugly head again!
  102. does the -west- or the USA care about them? 200 Somali girls...
  103. Putin's Human Rights Council Accidentally Posts Real Crimean Election Results; Only 15% Voted For Annexation
  104. Ukrainians get ready to elect another....Oligarch!
  105. Visa and MasterCard Cling to Russia
  106. Russia Needs to Pivot East and West
  107. U.S. criticizes Chinese oil rig move
  108. Russia Quietly Tightens Reins on Web With ‘Bloggers Law’
  109. Ukrainian propaganda
  110. Who is R2GAIN
  111. Is it just me , where the hell is TRaz?
  112. 10,000,000 to right sector
  113. Eurovision live.....
  114. They all drank the CoolAid!!
  115. USA can buy rocket engines from Russia
  116. The end of Europe as we know it..
  117. Russia Backs Ukraine Independence Vote Result
  118. 400 -Academi- Mercenaries fight in the Ukraine?
  119. GCHQ is watching you!
  120. Russia suspends operation of US GPS signal transmission stations as of June 1
  121. Have you googled yourself recently?
  122. The US is Dragging us Towards War
  123. Joe Biden's visits to Ukraine.......
  124. Clinton's bombing of Sudan
  125. USA, die you can for it, legal live there not...
  126. cccp rocket engines power usa rockets...
  127. Politkovskaya's killers sentenced
  128. What is Washington's Foreign Policy?
  129. Moscow Metro being Privatised?
  130. Nigel Farage in EU parliament debate
  131. Oh Baby, what a catch!
  132. Army has taken over in Thailand
  133. Iranian billionaire executed for fraud
  134. Shale Oil in California? there was none...
  135. Women, the source of evil?
  136. Kriegstreiber USA und Banken Machenschaften
  137. Chocolate, and Candy, and Super-Duper, Wonderful!
  138. Begin of -Sippenhaft- in the USA?
  139. Amazing young lady!
  140. Begin of-Sippenhaft-in Russia (again)?
  141. NTSB says Dreamliner not safe enough to fly
  142. -Angie is the Name, Kanzler is my Game-
  143. This would never have happened 10 years ago!
  144. Eurasia Union
  145. Baikonur, co operation is alive and well
  146. Hammers, no sickles
  147. Ukraine pays ( partly) for gas...
  148. US/Taliban prison exchange violate law!?
  149. Stolen Russian Art shows up in New York?
  150. NATO false flags in Ukraine
  151. Who gives a flying f$%^ ?
  152. Forbidden From Leaving Russia
  153. Russia's Pension Fund
  154. US increasing military presence in Black Sea
  155. June is too hot to handle
  156. Today is D-Day
  157. EU lost its foreign policy sovereignty to US
  158. The civil war in Ukraine
  159. Bulgaria halts work on gas pipeline after US talks
  160. Dual citizenship and the Russian minister of culture
  161. Who stole it?
  162. Tea Party - Huge Victory
  163. Thai shrimp/ human slave workers
  164. Iraq Bardak
  165. Obama calls Time-Out in Iraq War
  166. 100 days MH 370
  167. Which personages agree with this?
  168. While I'm thinking about things that make no sense....
  169. Obama Annexes the Pacific Ocean
  170. Somebody Help
  171. THAT can not be true
  172. Arrival in Donetsk (2)
  173. Shift in the media
  174. Brit Army, to fat to fight...
  175. Another leaked tape - Polish foreign minister
  176. Russian Banks to Help U.S. Tax Service After New FATCA Law Passed
  177. Boob job on NHS?
  178. MH370- new turn in the saga
  179. Maliki and Assad unite
  180. money prostitues indeed
  181. Britain closer to EU exit
  182. Fight the 'Jihadist' or the Ideology?
  183. Magic Bullet? 70k $ a pop,what a magic!
  184. Journalist Says Reporters Set Up by Separatists After Cameraman Killed in Ukraine
  185. POLL: Obama Worst Modern-Day President
  186. It's Obama's presidency, but Bush's world
  187. Protest in Scotland
  188. US 'think-tank' on Ukraine
  189. Why Gorbachev?
  190. HP in the UK, a pedo's paradise?
  191. Ni**er in the White House
  192. Eduard Shevardnadze and The Cranes Are Flying - Летят журавли
  193. Israel is mobilising
  194. US ‘kidnaps’ Russian MP’s son to ‘exchange him for Snowden’
  195. here is -your- electricity bill
  196. "Angara" was finally launched today
  197. ISIS orders -sex jhihad-
  198. Germany Expel CIA Official
  199. Kiev Suspends Mail Delivery to Crimea
  200. BRICS development Bank
  201. Another huge Russian company ruined
  202. Lourdes spy base to open again
  203. Obama - new Russian sanctions to distract from his massive child trafficking
  204. Prove you're a patriot,...or...No diploma!
  205. Malaysian MH017 down on RUS-UKR border
  206. Microsoft buys Nokia, fires 18000 employees
  207. for THEM comes the Malaysia drama just fine
  208. NBC News offers Hypocritical Condolences
  209. 50 000 palestinian refuges, where should the go?
  210. Cuba & operarion northwood - USA business as usual
  211. USA: Straight White Guys Festival !!!
  212. HRW makes interesting reading
  213. Litvinenko Public Inquiry
  214. France vs The UK 'Sanctions'
  215. no fly to Israel, they complain bitterly
  216. last trip of the Costa Concordia
  217. lawsuit against Obama
  218. Russians in London
  219. Russia will build their own subs
  220. Yukos shareholders want billions...
  221. Fred On Everything - Whither Israel?
  222. Pussy Riot want USD 250000 from Russia
  223. EU sanctions against Russia (to be imposed) currently on the table.
  224. NEWWSWEEK what a piece of sh*** t journalism
  225. RBK need to vet their on-air experts a bit closer..
  226. Ebola Virus 'outbreak'
  227. first time a comment that makes sense
  228. Ukraine Aims at EU Membership
  229. Treating democracy with contempt
  230. The Amazing Racist
  231. US generals are re arming Israel
  232. Wall Street Tanking
  233. have i ever heard Kerry talking crap!
  234. that's what fracking does to you
  235. US State Dept criticism not permitted
  236. Dobrolet suspends all flights as sanctions bite
  237. Obama: Russia does not make anything
  238. Australia, -parents- take one kid, leave -down- back in Thailand
  239. BBC interview
  240. Showdown at the Lugansk Corral
  241. UNHCR warns of ‘massive exodus’
  242. Deadly Chicken Cover-Up
  243. one more -Snowdon- in the making?
  244. Food import ban..
  245. Snowden gets 3-year residence permit
  246. so much for sanctions (part1)
  247. so much for sanctions (part 2)
  248. Putins popularity hits 87%
  249. Public wifi internet in Russia..? Your passport please!
  250. Where have we seen this scenario before...?