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  1. Pope Francis has guts indeed! asks that priests could get married!
  2. the Guardian’s worldview
  3. 17th century Ethiopian philosopher
  4. how much more primitive can this FEMEN people get?
  5. Merry Chrismas to everyone who is celebrating THIS time
  6. what is in for Kyrill?
  7. America is spiritually bankrupt
  8. Why Do Bad Things Happen to Good People? Catastrophically Fatal Plane Crash out of Domodedovo Airport Today :'(
  9. March for an Untied States
  10. See, I told you So :) $Church opens its own TV Network
  11. Lenin's Pope
  12. XRISTOS VOSKRESE to everyone who is celebration today
  13. How the Ottomans saved Britain
  14. Pluto and Mars in Conjunction
  15. They are not your children, they belong to the State
  16. God Charged with Sexual Harassment
  17. Preacher on becoming 'breakout star'
  18. -Jesus would not be riding donkey today-...
  19. new way to teach religion
  20. Russian Orthodox Church cuts ties with Constantinople
  21. Karl Marx-democratic dictator-?
  22. no -cash- when the collection comes? pay by credit card
  23. 25th Anniversary of the Anglican Church in St Petersburg - 4th November 2018
  24. What does православные mean?
  25. Communism Acted as a Deep Freezer to Preserve Conservative Social Attitudes
  26. In Russia, the Church comes to You!
  28. Left sounds Alarm - More Collusion with Russia by ChristoFascists (Homeschoolers)
  29. Virginia Governor Endorses Post-Birth Abortion
  30. for Rusmeister only?
  31. I have never seen this before, maybe RUSMEISTER can help?