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  1. -Korean Style Asparagus-, forget about it
  2. ROSKONTROL chicken fillets no bones
  3. housebrand mane versus brand name products
  4. as long a the name VV is on it, even HERE is something to crow about
  5. Austrian -Roskontrol- fail 3 out of 8 lasagna
  6. Pears from Holland and Belgium for Russia? I thought more of Cheese or flowers...
  7. - vegetable carbo hydrate - what the hell is this in a sausage
  8. someone was thinking!-Liver paste- in the tube
  9. Best Buffets in Moscow
  10. There IS olive oil in the Sloboda Mayo
  11. ROSKONTROL Turkey breasts,even the best one has a low score
  12. New Year at home. Are you a traditionalist?
  13. how to clean your oven without scrubbing
  14. that story with the nine eggs
  15. what is a herb.? and what is a spice? or are they all the same? just a little bit different?
  16. cocktails SPRAYED not shaken, not stirred, 007 for sure will retire
  17. ROSKONTROL -Bushenina- most of it is for the birds...
  18. ROSKONTROL, veal sausages, seldom seen such low ratings, except on -blacklist-
  19. New Russian discount store has opened!
  20. do you have at home NUTELLA?
  21. back to the CCCP? - kolbasnaya syr -, they would turn in their graves!
  22. Grey squirrel on the menu?
  23. why SALT had a -sell by date-.... but cooking ( baking) soda not
  24. a vegetarians nightmare? German butcher opens a WURSTHOTEL
  25. now that is business!!!!!!!!
  26. attention at LENTA supermarkets, maybe others as well?
  27. already back then, when I was in Sri Lanka, they said, LIPTON TEA we do not know...
  28. -best restaurant of the world - in South Africa
  29. one reason why i cook, at work at least, only CHAMPIGNON mushrooms
  30. which beer is safe to drink? at least there ARE good news
  31. short dictionary of restaurant terms...
  32. sausages, from the cheapest to the most expensive, all on the black list
  33. from the looks of it there is REAL MILK around...
  34. Brussel Sprouts Salad with crumbed sliced Turkey - Kotlets-
  35. chicken broiler all in the green.only one yellow...
  36. - wild greens- and the first leaves are showing already
  37. chicken mince from the supermarket, forget it!!!!
  38. ROSKONTROL Kefir... not to bad BUT...
  39. Astrakhan Black caviar - made in China
  40. is there a PASTRY CHEF who wants to go to SOUTH AFRICA
  41. Celebrate Easter NOT with Kulich and Pascha?
  42. ROSKONTROL checking on products needed for Easter...
  43. German - ROSKONTROL - Ökotest checked 30 Strawberries. Amazing and worrying what they found.
  44. -Marshmallows - (Zephir), might give all of them a miss...
  45. any seen TYSON chicken or products here and want to buy? think twice...
  46. ROSKONTROL, eggs without antibiotics or other -drugs-
  47. - cheese spread- does it contain anythign else besides -milk-?
  48. -beef stew - in cans, not worth the name?
  49. milk special for cappuccino, or so they say
  50. shopping at dvoi dom, kosher cheese
  51. it does not have to be caviar and steak or lobster every day
  52. mother tests positive for opiates after eating Bagel ( which were tipped with poppy seeds)
  53. ROSKONTROL,once more milk. and at least some good news.
  54. Jamie Oliver throwing in his cooks apron....
  55. Thanks to americaninmoscow...
  56. is there any REAL egg in a fast food egg?
  57. now fat pork belly and roast pork is also good for you..
  58. Coca Cola with less suger, the South African way, could be done here as well!
  59. instead of salty chips, SWEET,fruity chips...
  60. Need Tamarind, but cant find it or it is a mess only?
  61. which ones are happening in your kitchen? nine of the most common mistakes...
  62. my favorite candies,- Korovko-, for the birds...
  63. Vanilla or Vanillin, which is what?
  64. it was raining, off - sa gribami-!
  65. is your food fake or real?
  66. Banana leaf -wrappers- instead of plastic bags..?
  67. Hard Rock Cafe - Burger with 24 karat Goldleaf...
  68. PETA wants oysters not to be eaten and be declared - vegetarian-
  69. for all - Kvass patriots-. Which one is the -best Kvass-?
  70. Amerikas most loved and most hated Vegetables...
  71. a new -100 % organic Religious- bottled water from the USA, here in Russia
  72. - local made - Bailies and not to bad...
  73. and a new Vodka on the market. interesting screw top on top of it...
  74. THAT will be an eating place Strogino needed! opening this Friday
  75. where fresh meat is fresh and where not...
  76. on vacation in MYKONOS,Greece? make sure you ALWAYS get the menu BEFORE you order!
  77. if you did not have it yet, you for sure must give it a try.
  78. where there is ONLY coffee in the coffee and where not....
  79. - Monkey Gland Sauce - an old South African favorite
  80. all is well, nearly, at least this time, with bottled water
  81. , it is the chickens once more. and this time i was surprised myself
  82. definitely worth reading if yuw ant to know all about berries
  83. Biggest Palm Oil importer declares - war - on ROSKONTROL
  84. ready cut and marinated meat for pork shashlik - keep away from it
  85. ROSKONTROL- 44 tons of - prepared- meat products had to be withdrawn from shelves
  86. and now even refilling ( from the tap one would assume) your plastic water bottle is bad for you
  87. Where were the cheap fruits & veggies this year?
  88. do you KNOW NOT to use dry OLEANDER for making shashlik?
  89. -Tsaritsino - Russian Sausage, well - sausage - it is, but that is all..
  90. - waiter was to slow to make my sandwich -, so i shot him...
  91. ROSKONTROL Local Spaghetti,for me a surprise