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  1. an around the corner restaurant we definitely can reccomend
  2. it is cooollld! how to make REAL Glühwein.
  3. and a real Russian -winter - drink
  4. ROSTEST, mayo with olive oil
  5. Austrian Strudel, good ready made product
  6. at Auchan Cucumbers from Burundi...
  7. Fresh Kupati from Belkom
  8. - Tirol Sausages - from Miratorg
  9. Roskontrol Chicken nuggets
  10. Valentines Day is coming soon!
  11. Tesco has a shortage of iceberg....
  12. Turkey - Kupati - Bojarski
  13. /eastern sweets/ well worth a sin and the calories....
  14. Miratorg /marble beef/ sausages...
  15. Russia bans import of NZ Beef
  16. ProdExpo at the Expo Center, worth a visit
  17. Black AngusBeef Sausages from Miratorg
  18. sausages - BECKO-
  19. -Lule- Kebab from Australian lamb
  20. to me, as a Chef, this is nothing new. That is the reason i do not eat Sushi.
  21. is Stevia a safe and better natural sweetener than others.
  22. to lazy to stir the coffee, let the cup do it....
  23. who wants APPLE JACK Cider?
  24. doing my own fresh sausages....
  25. Succulents cupcakes, latest craze...for the time being only on Instagram.
  26. where is the fresh milk sold around the corner in these yellow tanks?
  27. summer -weekend markets - are open again
  28. finally i found the -siljotka- i realy like.
  29. typical food for today.s fasting day. at least for -catholics-.
  30. to bad there is no -smell- Internet
  31. Frohe Ostern- Happy Easter- Христос Воскреc
  32. which eggs to buy that are safe
  33. Eating healthy on a budget
  34. what else i found at Auchan
  35. if we eat up our Borscht will we stay young?
  36. i have been shopping, while waiting for my glasses...
  37. i went shopping and found some interesting things...
  38. Summer is around the corner, so a few cooling drink recipes...
  39. - Avocado Hand- , can happen only in America...
  40. worms in Sushi, Mahlzeit....
  41. which butter is butter, from cows milk only
  42. McDonald's and environment degradation
  43. Uzbek /Raki/?
  44. big business.Stealing old deep fryer fat...
  45. just have to pass on this link...
  46. - Man - can not live from Caviar alone
  47. low lactose milk, just i case someone needs it
  48. Black Pudding/Blutwurst
  49. don-t throw away strawberry tops?
  50. Grapes already
  51. English translations for russian acronyms on food packages
  52. 10 ml coffee cream that does NOT squirt into your face
  53. super beer snack, smoked, boneless breast of lamb
  54. find out yourself the quality of dairy products
  55. latest from Roskontrol, ready cut and marinated Shashlik Meat
  56. so all this /no sweet/ and /low sweet/ is for the birds?
  57. poppy seed strudel in 30 minutes.
  58. home made Pelmeni.
  59. is (full) cream realy cream?
  60. ROSKONTROL, not all water is water as it is supposed to be
  61. ROSKONTROL, Shashlik meat from Cherkisovskkaya MPK
  62. yesterday, 3rd August start of the official watermelon selling season
  63. WOMENc take note of dish Nr 6
  64. 130 Euro for ONE watermelon...
  65. PETA says, you are a sexist when eating cheese?
  66. is there TEA in them teabags, or only dust and floor sweepings?
  67. one more reason no need to buy bottled water
  68. 7th Continent supermarket in Strogino is closing down, 30% discount on - certain- food items
  69. Mikojan / Karpatskii/ sausages. what a treat
  70. - Beljovskie Pastilla Crunchies, the stuff is addictive
  71. bottled water -Bon Aqua- and sausages Dymov on the blacklist of Roskontrol
  72. little or no time to cook? buying frozen ready to cook products?
  73. BurgerKing is using crypto currency for their loyalty program, in Russia
  74. - Recipe - of the -secret - McD Sauce....
  75. BILLA 13 years in Russia. special sales and discounts
  76. ROSKONTROL won court-case against producer of Chicory -coffee-
  77. every other bottle of water on the blacklist
  78. Moscow's most famous bakery and breadshop opens once more after 100 years being closed.
  79. Australians should eat more kangaroos!
  80. ROSKONTROL was testing flour once more....
  81. WORLD FOOD EXPO 2017, a reminiscence
  82. a little advertising for South African products
  83. are you planing a snack or cocktail party at home?
  84. cant pronounce a dish on the menu? order a burger or spaghetti? poor NY/ers
  85. Starbucks ,most expensive is in Russia?
  86. AUCHAN also ahs a birthday, 15 years in Russia....
  87. Potjiekos- South African/Russian/Austrian cooking
  88. Austro-Rus-SA cooking- BBQ crumbed chicken
  89. Sausages and Olivier,a not every day combination
  90. done some more cooking
  91. How to cook a 1 kg "рулька"? (bone removed)
  92. Pelmeni and Tomato Basil Peri Peri Sauce
  93. not everything that colors yellow is Saffron
  94. Soup with thick noodles /hot/ like Mil- tongue...
  95. Thin garlic toasts with salt and vinegar sprinkle
  96. done some more cooking,/curry and rice/
  97. did some more cooking, chicken curry
  98. ROSKONTROL, pre packed minced meat, seems a disaster
  99. Bananabread, as simple as 1-2-3 and 1000
  100. first the good news, all cheese is CHEESE
  101. all these Abchasien Mandarines from China or Turkey...
  102. weather sucks, time for a hot fish soup
  103. seems to be a cock and bull story that /fresh turkey/, ROSKONTROL had a look
  104. no moree fish, shrimps and seafood from Belarus...
  105. Chinese Lady Patissier, this is a cake, not a painting, photo or statuette.
  106. (raw) egg yolk coffee, the latest craze...
  107. ROSKONTROL paints a nearly all black picture on -Твоожная Масса - , a bleak outlook indeed
  108. say 'cheese'. some surprising facts in this story
  109. Christmas without homemade cookies is no Christmas...GREAVES cookies that is...
  110. ROSKONTROL, 7 of 8 Kefirs on the blacklist...
  111. ROSKONTROL checking on Cervelat
  112. Sugar Substitutes
  113. foods that should be never put into the refrigerator (52 pics)
  114. my DOG does not eat ANY of these sausages. not that he eats any other either....
  115. Christmas and New Year, the time to buy chocolates and candies (ROSKONTROL)
  116. Mandarines from Abchasia, not good news this season...
  117. Question for benny
  118. new mail from ROSKONTROL, condensed milk is anything BUT milk...
  119. a - healthier- salad Olivier, please not THAT!
  120. unusual recipes for Christmas, but it could be
  121. ROSKONTROL -ptichye moloko- cake, no bird, no milk, no chocolate...
  122. when the Russians drink, why do they put the empty bottles under the table?
  123. who said yorkshire pudding and muffins must be round?
  124. problems cutting a cake into even slices, help is here
  125. don't think THIS fish will appear in Moscow's restaurants...
  126. American lady invents new style Russian New Years menu...
  127. ROSKONTROL, Russian -bubbly- to late for this year, but who needs an occasion?
  128. ROSKONTROL, rice in cooking bags, safe or not? worth the extra price?
  129. -pimp my chocolate pudding-!
  130. ROSKONTROL checking red Caviar, an eye opener
  131. ROSKONTROL. can i give my kid a chocolate or can i drink a juice BEFORE having paid, in the shop...
  132. I have been shopping at Auchan. part 1 / fix price/
  133. i was shopping at Auchan. part 2 pickled watermelons
  134. i was shopping at Auchan.part 3. /instant/ dark bread w 7 seeds
  135. i was shopping at Auchan.part4. /artificial caviar/ in pouches and glass
  136. i have been shopping at Auchan.part 4 .Bio Vodka
  137. i was shopping at Auchan.part5. instant noodles.
  138. i was shopping at Auchan.part6. fro flower friends only . special lightbulbs
  139. Why can't I crack a Russian egg?
  140. ROSKONTROL chicken parts, all on the / black/ list
  141. stock up on EU wines because they will be more $$$$? BS!!!! i definitely will not!
  142. at least the bananas we can buy and eat without worry!!!!
  143. ladies, want to keep your man HAPPY? this is what you need to cook..
  144. i was shopping at AUCHAN, Worcester Sauce
  145. i was shopping at AUCHAN, found RED oranges
  146. i was shopping at AUCHAN,black ground pepper, 5 different ones
  147. ROSKONTROL freeze dried coffee.i was surprised which got first place.
  148. ROSKONTROL Braunschweig (er) Sausages
  149. -bulletproof coffee- top or flop? to make it short, forget about another super -diat- fad
  150. ROSKONTROL, chicken eggs, for me a surprise who got best marks
  151. ROSKONTROL /breakfast ham/ all in the blacklist
  152. Question for benny 2
  153. i was shopping at AUCHAn, one for Vossy
  154. Pomelos from China,also at AUCHAN
  155. iceberg at AUCHAN
  156. Mandarins from Turkey and Pakistan
  157. Pimp my instant noodles
  158. Blini
  159. hot drinks for cold days.some of the mrather unusual
  160. ROSKONTROL/ and the best DARK chocolate is...
  161. Spare Ribs!!
  162. writing about Blini is like carrying coal to Newcastle...
  163. might that be worth a try? for -you- that is?
  164. might that be worth a try? for -you- that is?
  165. TOMORROW IS MAN.S DAY!!!!!!!
  166. a few recipes for St.Patrick's Day
  167. METRO EXPO 2018, was and will be well worth going
  168. I have been at the exhibition and also been shopping
  169. the new way how to keep fresh greens
  170. yellow fish who stays yellow even when grilling or baking
  171. for tea and the ladies, new line of cookies...
  172. for tea drinkers, Ahmad black tea with thyme
  173. and last but not least alcohol free champagne, NOT the kids variety
  174. from the Altai, somethign that is good for women and men
  175. ROSKONTROL, cheaper cheese section, no good news
  176. ROSKONTROL was checking milk once more.. and milk is milk...
  177. Russian chocolate is dangerous, it is burning....
  178. what kind of - beer- is that? -Morning Shadow-....
  179. better check the weight on -no brand,no name- products
  180. instant noodles with cheese, after all, every daz caviar is boring
  181. finally, no more free plastic bags at AUCHAN
  182. i can see clearly now... 95 Watt lamps, and all is legal...
  183. something very fishy going on with fish, herring that is...
  184. want to help to fight counterfeit producers of cheese?
  185. the world's most popular beers
  186. one would think BEETROOT are a simple and safe thing?
  187. weekend markets will open this weekend for the first time
  188. any -Celtic Farmers - who do cook, around here?
  189. are you ready to grill and smoke out in the fresh air...
  190. bought, frozen Pelmeni, top or flop?
  191. IS there any coffee in the 3 in 1 instant coffee?
  192. condensed milk with sugar, THE russian favorit for breakfast....
  193. all Kvass patriots! This one is the real thing....
  194. to anyone who likes INDONESIAN food, right here in Moscow
  195. found new at the hyper.... special if you like baking. and decorating.
  196. new, white tripe, at AUCHAN
  197. do you like beef carpaccio?
  198. did not know -cows- had such a small brain?
  199. and my favorite, these prices....
  200. Bangers, sausage skins, collagen skins for homemade sausages!
  201. is there only -cream- in the ice cream? or other undesirable stuff as well?
  202. while - Moscow- milk seems to be safe, out in the regions it is different, VERY different.
  203. big blooper from the Israeli Chef du Chef ( title for the Chef who cooks for the boss that is the Prez,Premier or the likes)
  204. anyone who has a METRO card. do your shopping with friends together. it is cheaper for sure
  205. and once more that ubiquious --Tushonka-
  206. do you have a Datscha ? plant garlic this year.....
  207. British appetite for avocados is draining region dry
  208. and that will be the royal wedding cake
  209. 71 600 $$ for THE wedding cake...
  210. which mayonnaise IS mayonnaise?
  211. ROSKONTROL- Butter, only the -green- ones are recommended to buy
  212. Strawberries from -Krasnojarsk-, forget it, they are not....
  213. MIRATORG homepage. for all meat products
  214. ROSKONTROL, the cheese for sure brings no smile
  215. your cup of morning tea is safe
  216. -Tushonka-, that staple russian favorite, ONE good news there is
  217. that -boiled fermented milk- Ryashenka, better leave it on the shelf
  218. -Football- Tsarskaya Vodka, must be plonk indeed
  219. Russias most loved icecream, -Plombier- in cones
  220. The menu for Kim and Trump
  221. ROSKONTROL, bottled water check up
  222. Coffee cream 10%. in my opinion -cream- alone is misleading
  223. -Vkus Ville- who advertise their stores - good food for people who lead a healthy life-
  224. -chainy grip- is out. it has to be -Kombucha- sounds much more exotic and immideately also $$$$$
  225. shopping tips when the sun is burning down and you can fry eggs on the hood of your car
  226. Burger King might be gloating? until it is their term?
  227. at least some good news,all SOURCREAM is made from milk, not cheap palm oil
  228. soon it will be time for picking mushrooms. ROSKONTROL advice
  229. Cheese is Cheese and Wurst ist Wurst.
  230. hope this does not get you off Chinese - eating places - completely.
  231. again, no Worcester Sauce on the shelves
  232. might be worth looking out for. SALT from the Kalahari
  233. ROSKONTROL, red Caviar, might turn one off completely....
  234. -Kampot Pepper - from Cambodia, apparently a must have spice
  235. - best- and - not so good- dishwashing liquid
  236. Scandinavian Restaurant on Tverskaya has closed the doors
  237. ROSKONTROL- ready done mince, 9 out of 11, forget it..
  238. ROSKONTROL flour, to believe or not to believe...
  239. Camembert - fondue- and sausages in puff pastry
  240. ROSKONTROL which is a GOOD Coffee?
  241. -ROSKONTROL- wants Petelinka, chicken producer, to close
  242. ROSKONTROL Ketchup Heinz is not all that what they are advertising...
  243. Whiskey and Coke, a sacrilege to some, a MUST HAVE to others!
  244. Chocolates with Apricots in Spirit? then why -peach- flavor? and apricots?
  245. ROSKONTROL, cottage cheese, a bleak picture indeed
  246. - Jamies italian- well from the looks that was it.
  247. the -best- coffee, for my taste anyway
  248. so, you bought this genuine olive oil in Spain or Greece
  249. WW1, what to cook and what to eat, when there was nothing to have
  250. -marrow in an oxtail-? must have been some ox...