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  1. Crab cakes
  2. do you have an ice cream maker?
  3. you ready for a cocktail party?
  4. easy but VERY effective Plate decorations
  5. Shashlik, slightly different -sauce-
  6. Vegetable strudel with slightly different filling
  7. cheap/untrue/lousy advertising, stupid gimmick
  8. -must have- gadget for everyone
  9. Please try this ,at least once!
  10. Penka, are you celebrating?
  11. -gratinated Sushi- NOW I am ready to kill
  12. Chicken advice.....
  13. Know your bananas !
  14. Names of herbs/spices in E/D/R
  15. Puffpastry easy dessert
  16. -present- from Dadja Lukashenko
  17. -normal- table salt versus -kosher -salt
  18. Hamburger gravy
  19. how REAL men peel potatoes
  20. Which Russian beer would you recommend?
  21. Pizza delivery by Drone!
  22. it is hot!!cold berry soup...
  23. Moscow Mayor orders e-map with outdated foods
  24. Frittata.....you really have to make one!
  25. eat up. -Kinza- is good for you!
  26. Brits only? Pub menu ideas
  27. McD,KFC,Taco Bell sucks all over
  28. it is still hot, so another cold soup
  29. How to... масляная?
  30. it is still hot..(cold soup)
  31. this week it will be extremely hot
  32. food festival at VDNH this weekend
  33. Milk - your thoughts
  34. Jay Close cheese
  35. NEED name of Siberian fish
  36. even without -Polish Apples- quite nice
  37. chocolade blini, quick,easy and different
  38. new beer on the shelves
  39. pickled (water) melon skins
  40. the 2x2 foot kitchen
  41. Just love this young lady, great chef!
  42. Bread and Flour
  43. good fresh meat
  44. The Best Vodka in the World? - Probably
  45. garlic bread from pre mix
  46. Focaccia ready mix
  47. sea food
  48. multi grain bread mix
  49. The honey fair in Tsaritsyno park
  50. Borodino from bread mix
  51. Indian food delivery in Moscow
  52. this is not done with paint
  53. cheese importing
  54. What would you buy in Sweden?
  55. Marmite
  56. Vegetable shortening or cream of tartar in Moscow?
  57. November, and Afghasian mandarines are here
  58. Eggplant Jam...
  59. now THIS is milk?
  60. 30 minute cookies...
  61. not quite sure where to post...
  62. Chicken Sausages - what, where, how
  63. there IS a buckwheat -Mafia-
  64. for sure fire the organisator and Chef
  65. Blue Honeysuckle, very unusual
  66. local lamb,there is!
  67. who says pork bungs don't exist?
  68. Puff pastry
  69. local Camembert, Parmesan,Lollies
  70. Homebrewing
  71. ice cream from Siberia
  72. Vinegar with Amber...
  73. sugar cubes for -staying power-?
  74. it is Blini Time
  75. GOATS milk Brinza
  77. Wie kann ich Sellerie kochen? (nicht nur für Benedikt)
  78. best of austo/italo and russian breakfast
  79. who loves Macadamia Nuts?
  80. since their is no SOUTHERN COMFORT
  81. new KOSHER supermarket opens in Moscow
  82. Plov (Pilav)one,two and ready
  83. overcooked pasta? no need to feed the dog...
  84. bread mix versus -selfmade-
  85. Cous Cous from -instant-
  86. Kuraga ( dried apricots) -Shokolade-
  87. Bearnaise and Hollandaise sauces.....
  88. One,two,ready,noodle soup
  89. Shashlik time, nearly....
  90. Beer with Whiskey, what the heck is THAT?
  91. Danone makes Yogurt!
  92. 65$ for a kilo butter?
  93. Russian alternative to McD? once more?
  94. socially kosher
  95. Vietnam market in Moscow
  96. food down under, hope it is NOT that way
  97. went shopping and did some home cooking
  98. of ice cream,pool noodles and melon cake
  99. turbo mushroom?
  100. no bake watermelon cake
  101. Home alone cooking !
  102. the scots and irish will rotate....
  103. Austrian Russian breakfast
  104. Austrian newspaper, 1890, about British food
  105. restaurant stories, could add a few of mine
  106. is AUCHAN in for problems?
  107. Sbiten (сбитень)!!!!
  108. Revisor ( sorry,russian language only)
  109. what a lot of Turkey
  110. baking bread: fermented rye malt
  111. ´Kalina´anyone used-using them?
  112. the perfect new diet plan
  113. Another perfect diet plan -
  114. future food trends in Europe
  115. Russia will ban =GMO foods=
  116. Vegan meringue- with chick pea brine
  117. Martha Steward, one pot pasta
  118. ANYONE HERE eating banana PEELS?
  119. now all over sudden coffee is THAT good for us?
  120. French Roast Coffee in Moscow?
  121. now the avocado stone is also good for us...
  122. Locally brewed Gösser Beer is back!!!!
  123. Is there a good bakery for birthday cakes in Moscow?
  124. we can have Iranian cheese, but don't eat Chips!
  125. Hearse and coffin used to smuggle black Caviar
  126. -Chateau permafrost- wine
  127. WHO says (to much) processed meat is bad for you
  128. they are having a go at AUCHAN again
  129. most overrated cuts of meat
  130. Nutella always disappears to fast? maybe you need a lock?
  131. Lovers of Jack Daniels Whiskey
  132. still remember Warren Sausages?
  133. best Navel Oranges have arrived
  134. Vossy,how to peel an apple in 3 seconds...
  135. Peanut butter & vodka again. Best snack ever
  136. Jam from young pine cones
  137. was trendy in 2015? they should be retired anyway.
  138. Black Caviar is in once more
  139. been offered any =real= Saffron at the market? at a =special= price?
  140. there is a cauliflower shortage in the USA (and Canada)
  141. The great Siberian coal diet!
  142. Getting Asia Groceries
  143. ´Green Mile´Eco Farm, might be worth a try?
  144. are you also celebrating CHINESE New Year?
  145. if you don-t know, the sun will still rise tomorrow, but it is fun to read
  146. I'm making a curry
  147. ´Flexitarian´a new food and eating trend?
  148. wooden spoon-ladle for 100$
  149. Remember the Pixar ´Ratatouille´?
  150. Japan wants to be the next Caviar Big shot
  151. some use palm oil, others cellulose as fillers for their cheese.
  152. Crabbies Ginger Beer
  153. in Vienna you want ´a coffee´, not as simple....
  154. now all over sudden TEA seems to be unsafe to drink....
  155. British Beers to try before you die?
  156. 1395 in Iran...Happy New Year ( on Sunday)
  157. Anyone knows where is San Marino?
  158. sausages ( viennas),once in a while i DO compromise...
  159. -superfoods- for the birds? or worse, for the trash can?
  160. while it should be rather hot tea, a recipe for a cold summer soup
  161. spices for fish, from Goa
  162. another cold soup for the coming hot days
  163. one more cold soup for hot days
  164. now THAT is news. there are NO baby carrots, it is only a marketing trick...
  165. Salad greens from our park
  166. time for baking, self raising flour,Panifarin
  167. are you baking your own Kulich?
  168. New laws for the weekend farmers markets
  169. quick Vinaigrette, with pre cooked and cut ingredients
  170. coffee definitely without caffein and taste is not to bad
  171. still soft and new CHAGA Mushroom
  172. need spare parts for your cccp mincer or mixer?
  173. Vodka in powder form? i hope never in Russia!
  174. (Japanese) how it is made, instant noodles, Agar Agar, Japanese candies...
  175. are you depressive? eat /magic/ mushrooms.....
  176. mechanical tenderized beef
  177. after the rain and now sun, funghi are growing, well, like mushrooms
  178. what else to do with Chervil?
  179. 11 reasons why Chefs are better lovers!
  180. here apparently milk still comes from cows...
  181. amazing cakes a russian lady baker is making!
  182. another old time drinks recipe
  183. no more xxxl beer bottles
  184. 101 of having fun with Shashlik
  185. (Kitchen) Soda and Superglue
  186. normally i am supposed to write the recipes, but this time...
  187. i recommend seldom products here. because each to its own taste...
  188. fake food- just hope we do not get the same crap here, or maybe we do as well?
  189. better than good local Camembert
  190. crumble cheese pan -cake, or is it the other way around?
  191. food fraud in the USA, a 50 billion $$ business
  192. this is the milk i-we like best
  193. now THAT is a barman!
  194. now you know what the hell is c/c, c/m, c/k and the likes . description of Acronyms on food packaging
  195. no need for a special occasion, fruits in chocolate
  196. Having trouble buying a slow-cooker in Moscow
  197. there is no coffee in Austria
  198. curry sauce for grilled chicken, better than the standard BBQ sauce....
  199. when it is hot outside, a chilled cold soup is just ncie
  200. amongst others . check on Red Caviar
  201. Corned Beef
  202. quite a nice beer, special for that price
  203. (dark) bread with juniper berries
  204. Beer soup, hot or cold. could a German have invented that recipe?
  205. NO Nitrates in Watermelons.....
  206. - Prianiki - Yogurt, at least new for me
  207. Pokeman Burger, do WE need them here?
  208. bumper wheat harvest. maybe we get a better bread?
  209. not quite sure it belongs here or in bardak
  210. go -Serbia- for a really good burger!
  211. Looking for English sausages
  212. World Food Exhibition at Krokus Expo
  213. going into the forest,picking mushrooms, and NOT regretting it.
  214. new, interesting tea on the market (soon...)
  215. for DOM2 /ДОМ2 fans and fanatics only?
  216. from the food fair- Mongolian -Tushonka-
  217. sweet potato Latte?
  218. Stevia that new - natura l- sweeterner
  219. must have - Cape cookies
  220. Walters Handmade Honey Nougat,how to find a quality product
  221. High Quality Meat and Fish - Wanted
  222. - Kalina-, Cranberry Bush, Guelder Rose , Schneeball
  223. MILLER is no more Beer?
  224. Veal brains, not seen in a long time
  225. where do THIS apples come from?
  226. Dinner for a Francophile girl
  227. wine from Siberia
  228. newest fad or does it the trick? charcoal drinks...
  229. - defizit - of third class wheat? this makes no sense...
  230. now that is a parasol
  231. Veal kidneys
  232. where is the Krasnaya Krimskoye?
  233. dine on the cheap, starts with crap already....
  234. please pass the local Parmesan
  235. been on vacation? did your freezer work ALL the time?
  236. at the PIR, something really nice came along
  237. When all the fresh veggies dry up.......
  238. only for lovers of smoked Suluguni
  239. Pumpkin spiced latte beer? Hello Halloween!
  240. putting a frog into fresh milk, seeps if from spoiling
  241. (Moscow) Restaurant revue.. new season...
  242. i was shopping
  243. i was shopping and found the best candies
  244. i was shopping at Ashan once more
  245. is the flour realy for the birds?
  246. seldom have i read such a crap piece
  247. sausages-hot dogs. i am not easy to please, but these are good
  248. Navel Oranges from SA, mandarines from Turkey
  249. Question to Ben regarding self raising flour?
  250. which one is the best buckwheat? Roskontrol