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  1. What brand of water do you prefer?
  2. smoking habits
  3. Who will win the league?
  4. Who will win the World Series?
  5. Should Russian be banned on Expat.Ru?
  6. HARD ROCK CAFE, Moscow
  7. Which Female Band Do you like best?
  8. How long before the standard of living in Russia.....
  9. How Long Have You Been Living in Russia?
  10. What's your favorite FM radio station in Moscow?
  11. What's your favorite brand of VODKA?
  12. savings
  13. Let's see what the trend is... what model cell phone do you use?
  14. What do you first look at on a woman?
  15. Did Man Land on the Moon?
  16. What's Your Favourite Vowel?
  17. Most Intelligent, Poster Boy or Girl
  18. Russian Women
  19. Whose Going WHose Staying
  20. What Time Do You Get Up?
  21. Nationalities
  22. Stupidest Poster on This Site
  23. Which airline has the worst service?
  24. Virtuality into reality
  25. How "Legal or Illegal" Are You?!?!
  26. Russians - would you leave Russia ?
  27. best and worst restaurants in Moscow
  28. If You Could Buy Any Phone....
  29. Who else thinks Limitchik has gone off his head?
  30. The best club in Moscow ever
  31. Are Nokia phones overpriced?
  32. UK Embassy Cars
  33. The best music ever
  34. Mobile Phone Costs
  35. Where do I get an accurate weather forecast??
  36. would you vote in these russian elections?
  37. Avatar you like most
  38. What kind of car do you own?
  39. Do you like fairy tales?
  40. For GUYS ONLY
  41. Entertainment Complexes
  42. Bush speaks English
  43. worst indignity suffered in Moscow
  44. Worst indignity suffered in Moscow
  45. Two main freedom restrictions
  46. Spring poll, redolent and beautiful
  47. jesus smoked pot (here he goes again!)
  48. Do you use CRYTOPGRAPHY when you... ?
  49. Intensive Role Playing therapy for patients with sexual disorders
  50. Blondes Vs Brunettes
  51. What makes you think he is right for you?
  52. The Ultimate Caveman on Expat.ru
  53. The Ultimate Caveman on Expat.ru
  54. Platonic pals
  55. Blind date with Limitchik and Ned Kelly
  56. Reincarnation dream
  57. Dieting : choose a right eating plan
  58. Underpants
  59. Underpants
  60. Too many polls ?
  61. What does scare the sterner half off?
  62. poll
  63. Your last ex... QUESTIONAIRE
  64. Have you been stopped and asked for a passport?
  65. Ok, girls - What you you look at first on a guy?
  66. What do girls look at first on a guy?
  67. Alethea 'n' Matt
  68. Attractive men...
  69. When dear lord...when will it be warm
  70. The Poll You've Been Waiting For...
  71. Sexiest Foreign Music Video
  72. Moscow poll.
  73. Thy neighbor's wife
  74. Thy neighbor's wife
  75. As a single person, is the summer...
  76. loving away
  77. The Hi-Infidelity Poll...
  78. Who has the most boring job?
  79. Moscow + Marmite
  80. Marmite, Oreos + Moscow
  81. Somebody
  82. Your favorite "Death Match"
  83. Boxing Superfight Death Match– Ghost vs Alethea
  84. Who is Camus?
  85. The ties that bind us...
  86. Natalia Apple tribute poll
  87. Are you inclined to help needy people?
  88. Dear Diary...
  89. Psychic power
  90. Best party town
  91. What's in a picture
  92. Smirking fags n' drinking Vodka
  93. Mailmen in Moscow
  94. death penalty
  95. Does the Polar Bear belong in Bardak?
  96. What Prize can We Award Sadie?
  97. Which of my identities do you like the best?
  98. Who will win the US elections - and by what margin
  99. Product perception
  100. Product Perception - Part II
  101. flotsam and jetsum
  102. Worst Coffee on an Airline Carrier?
  103. Light Fixtures
  104. Where Was The Worst Place You Vomited?
  105. What's your sign?
  106. Do you like salo?
  107. Search Engines
  108. First Snow
  109. "Clear" Vodka Poll
  110. Who will die first - Arafat or Castro
  111. Apartment prices
  112. What Are You Doing For New Years?
  113. Military Service
  114. Dyed Moroz/Santa Clause question
  115. Duty Free Ripoffs
  116. Work / life balance
  117. Will LOVE safe our world?
  118. superstition
  119. How do you rate your Internet connection
  120. Do you stream audio on your Internet connection?
  121. Centre -Vs- Suburbs
  122. The F.A. Cup
  123. For Europeans Only
  124. How safe is Russia for Expats and Foreign Company's?
  125. how much money do you spend a year in russia?
  126. what`s the middle age of exapts in Moscow
  127. new to the forum
  128. On behalf of Chubby Hubby
  129. bald men
  130. russian underground (metro)
  131. What type of book is your favourite?
  132. Citizen Bliss
  133. Aight buddy, you've been 86-ed
  134. Militia Problems
  135. Help Solve a Serious Relationship Problem
  136. Try not to get worry..try not to get into..Problems they upset you..
  137. What season?
  138. l
  139. Vote for the coolest city!
  140. Do you earn enouh money?
  141. What age are you?
  142. What's your gender?
  143. How smar are you?
  144. what places would you like to visit in RUSSIA?
  145. Olympics, 10 days to go
  146. Men, who do you prefer?
  147. Expat.ru Profile
  148. How many languages, do you know?
  149. Are you getting allergic to Russians in Moscow?
  150. NEWS Threads must go in NEW POSTS
  151. The level of your computer knowledge?
  152. Flowers?!
  153. Are you an expat or a Russian?
  154. A question as old as Russia!
  155. What kind of quality a women interest in a man?
  156. What is the best age gap for marriage?
  157. To love or be love?
  158. MTS, Megafon, Beeline, or other - Which carrier do you prefer?
  159. Go look into your closet :-)
  160. How much do you spend a month for a decent living? And what is it for?
  161. Where do you like to spend you Vacation?
  162. How many Asian are there in Moscow?
  163. How much time do you spend in this forum?
  164. Cheapest rent you've ever paid in Moscow
  165. Who will be the next RF President?
  166. How much should cost a "decent meal"?
  167. Do you think V. Putin will be the Prime Minister next year?
  168. Snow !
  169. Do Russians want Expats to go home
  170. Why do many Russian women marry foreign men?
  171. Do you play chess?
  172. Is racism misunderstood with a matter of looks?….
  173. Best / Worst Product(s) in Russia
  174. Film School in Moscow
  175. Is the advrsting here useful?
  176. What are your major health problems?
  177. Where are you from?
  178. What is the best ever Movie for you?!
  179. Who would you prefer?
  180. What is your profession?
  181. The Poll for foreigners only.
  182. Age difference
  183. Can you honestly answer?
  184. American President
  185. Oops....forgot smth ^^
  186. US Presidential Elections
  187. Who has more charisma?
  188. Emailing politesse
  189. Who will be the democrat US candidate?
  190. Your languages
  191. Courier's companies in Moscow....
  192. Are you an expatriate?
  193. Rubles, euros or dollar bills??
  194. Vermin
  195. Why Are YOU Here?
  196. Which avatar is "the best" (for me :)?
  197. Have You Ever Lied About Your Nationality?
  198. How many times have you been REALLY IN LOVE?
  199. Phone in your car...??
  200. Do you smoke???
  201. Inspired by Current Affairs
  202. Poll on Polls
  203. how hot is yr russian date/girl/wife?
  204. is yr russian wife/girlfriend on a high maintenance?
  205. is yr turkish husband/boyfriend on a low maintenance?
  206. Where do you live???
  207. Personal Laptops
  208. Wrong but gotta ask.Sorry Mods.
  209. Where are expats from?
  210. .
  211. Tribute to Albertina poll
  212. Russia
  213. Most punchable face
  214. Messengers - which one do you use??
  215. DearForeigner,how is your Russian?
  216. Moscow with 4000US$a month.
  217. Resigned
  218. Love your work?
  219. sexy male professions
  220. sexy profession for females
  221. Cosmetic Surgery
  222. Have You Ever Hailed a "Private Cab"?
  223. studying russian in EASTERN UKRAINE equal to:
  224. Moscow's Urban Characters
  225. Da Poll
  226. CIS capitals
  227. Dear Russian
  228. what are these records ? ? ?
  229. Dear Expat
  230. happiness
  231. Are You at Work Today?
  232. da question
  233. Online shops
  234. to or not
  235. Free Tibet. Agree or disagree?
  236. Free Tibet. Agree or disagree?
  237. Biggest Crime in Russia
  238. What would be the biggest crime in Russia
  239. Age ...only a truth??
  240. What's your most typical week-end activity?
  241. EURO 2008 Who do you think is going to win this time? Favourites, your insider tips..
  242. EURO 2008 Who do you think is going to win this time? Favourites, your insider tips..
  243. A real US Election poll
  244. Russian short story writers
  245. taller GF
  246. How do you rate the George W. Bush presidency?
  247. Do you know what the W stands for in George W. Bush?
  248. when I am drunk I usually get...
  249. Domestic help?
  250. Make-up - is it sooo important?