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  1. Worker falls asleep in Kansas City, wakes up in Chicago...
  2. Brat, Brat2, and Boomer - the most influential Russian movies since when?
  3. cheesy music for Ben
  4. Beer at McD? pay Toilets? What Americans shocked in Europe.
  5. Philby Square
  6. Fish Story?
  7. Don't drink with Strangers
  8. Happy Veteran's Day
  9. Caption Competition - Merkel, Macron & VVP
  10. French (plane) passengers -stuck for 48 h in Siberia
  11. медведь сладкоежка
  12. Tourism in Russia
  13. Well there goes that idea
  14. I did not know we had mammoths in Austria! i know we have no kangaroos, but THIS surprises me!
  15. in cases like that, there SHOULD be the death sentence!
  16. Only 1 Ticket?
  17. Dinner for One- unknown in the UK, or better, never sent on UK TV?
  18. -Baba Banga- had prophesied, 2019, Attack on VV, Trump braindead and deaf?
  19. When you have a top secret base
  20. Is she a troll ?
  21. the story about atomic - ice breakers- and subs that were used as underwater transporters
  22. would YOU be prepared to fight ( with arms) for your fatherland.
  23. Robertmf
  24. German -Journalist of the year -, by CNN, a fake(er) big time
  25. Price increases as from next year. the first on are squacking already!
  26. to each and everyone of you, never mind who you are, where you are or what you believe
  27. Favorite Christmas songs
  28. how old are you? not to be taken to seriously...
  29. Sorry but President Putin is a really nice guy.
  30. Putin's milkman.
  31. Merry Christmas!
  32. There is planning
  34. Happy New Year 2019!
  35. In Russia it is the year of the SOARING EAGLE, forget the Chinese pig...
  36. Google AI fail - or maybe not
  37. Tiger asks humans for help
  38. English speaking debating club/society
  39. Who Are In Russia Central Bank?
  40. when can you call yourself a -Muscovite-?
  41. Polar Shift?
  42. this is how they clean snow in AUSTRIA, with a helicopter
  43. Hi , any British ex-pats here on this community ?
  44. to late for New Year, but there is always a next time
  45. North Korea Wonsan Beach, next vacation destination?
  46. This female is braver than me!
  47. I just had to do this, repost that is, amazing though it is
  48. January 27 is Thomas Crapper Day
  49. if you and your crazy dog have to go out at 5, so be it...
  50. that deadly blast in Magnitogorsk and the fire from the Gazelle
  51. Expats - tell your story!
  52. Siberian Tiger - Super Mum & Her Cubs
  53. Internet IS good for something.Russians ordered Pizza for USA traffic controllers
  54. Leningrade blocade, to bad no video.
  55. Now that's what I call "being a good sport"!
  56. Boobytrap
  57. Do people look at each other in this age of virtual reality?
  58. Hi Admin , Thank you for my Birthday greetings !
  59. is this really the way Stalin dealt with disabled war veterans after their return?
  60. -Kiosks- and - Autokiosks- to return to big cities?
  61. new type of fraud - no not and never give your cash register cheque to a stranger
  62. Norilsk,the perfect conditions to take the dog for a walk
  63. ALIYE PARUSA bites the dust. And - Donstroi- with it...
  64. from 2020 7 of the most difficult to understand letters will dissapear
  65. you owe alimony,have debts, not paid fines? CCYV will get you!
  66. Bridge runs into Russian ship
  67. Make a note to self, don't mess with Russian shop girls!
  68. want to sleep better during the night? get pot plants for your bedroom
  69. Digger rescues Deer
  70. - VV is a louse- will cost you up to 300k if someone reports you
  71. 8th of March! For every woman, girlfriend, wife, sister,lover, mother, mother in Law,...
  72. - Forgiveness Day-, have you or have your - sins - been forgiven
  73. March 15th Student Strike
  74. Spiritual Residents?
  75. Lenin, waht a nice guy. a few statements that makes ones blood run cold..
  76. Alcoholism
  77. please, behave like the animals in the forest!
  78. to late this year? maybe next winter? ICE SCATING ON LAKE BAIKAL
  79. spring has arrived? finally?
  80. Americans are dumb
  81. how deep one of the mighties has fallen...
  82. dont complain about the weather here, somewhere else it is far worse...
  83. you can plan already your vacation for 2020
  84. New York, New York!
  85. scum, stealing carnations from WW2 memorial
  86. want to know how Matrioshkas are being made?
  87. THAT is what we need in our park
  88. SOMEWHERE around the world there is summer, just not yet in NORILSK
  89. have YOU been a Pioneer ? ( obvious this question is for -Russians- only)
  90. Made in Austria
  91. Memorial Day, and for the Veterans
  92. a - limo- for the party of your lifetime, sadly not available in Russia
  93. anyone knows the whereabouts of DOUG STEELE?
  94. what is happening at the MT, once more, again, still?
  95. think about this when doing a special card, letter or just as a header...
  96. - Alcohol only- and -cigarettes only - stores in Russia?
  97. a little quiz about the streets and palces of Moscow. how much do you know about your City?
  98. Sukhoi jet was hit by lighting. commission says no pilot error...
  99. A spanking new sport! Only in Russia
  100. 2000 year old mummy had only one foot, and they found out at the Kurtshatov Institute...
  101. if there was a drama, and disaster then for sure THIS is one,at least for Jim Beam drinkers
  102. John Newman
  103. Become your Cat Mask
  104. Airbus landed without engines in a cornfield, 225 passengers,all alive, few lightly injured
  105. a Russian village saves itself..
  106. Where is Uncle Wally?
  107. Not Enough Web Site Activity
  108. cry babies these -expats -? let them go home...
  109. Flirting with Russian Women
  110. Netflix the dark crystal
  111. Aromatherapy
  112. First russian built cruise ship in 60 years nearly on its way
  113. - i got 3 bottles of CCCP booze, were they any good-?
  114. one reason why one should NOT be in the water during a thunderstorm
  115. Trains on Time
  116. Racist and Corrupt
  117. Where is vossey7
  118. Cheap flights Moscow - Luton
  119. Thankfulness Thread
  120. so - they - told you - vaping - is safe? might want ot change your mind while it is still early stages?
  121. is SHOIGU the next Russian leader?
  122. Happy birthday to the US Navy!
  123. Happy Halloween
  124. Knowledge of English in Moscow is essential...
  125. Heavenly Fireball lights up St. Louis
  126. have anything to hide? take the bus, tram but not the Metro?
  127. Yakutia,postman walks 350 km. THAT sorts out the men from the facebook softies...
  128. American English Regional Dictionary
  129. POTUS -topless- does he want to imitate VV? What a joke...,
  130. a few Soviet and Russian -anecdotes-...
  131. What is it?
  132. -T 34 - sprayed on an ice bear, idiots seem to be even in the Arctic
  133. -what is it- ? does not open anymore, just a white screen...
  134. it worked for me, does it work for you as well?
  135. Last days of the Decade
  136. Santa Claus robs bank , Merry Christmas!
  137. Rudest City in America
  138. Christmas (Door) Bells are (not) Ringing...
  139. The 12 Days of Trump Christmas
  140. 2019 inventions, some useless, some for the birds, but the one or other I would not mind to have...
  141. 2020, a new law on - the use - of circus animals. from the looks, it seems to be good.
  142. never mind the weather, a Happy New Year anyway!!!!!!!!
  143. Sunrise on Christmas
  144. Soleimani or Trump the Winner?
  145. Another hit piece on trump backfires
  146. New job posting
  147. What is it?
  148. you did not receive your eBay,Ali Express or other parcels? it is not always the post office at fault.
  149. Liquor Store Sign
  150. Your Favorite Rock Song to help you relax?
  151. Make America Metal Again
  152. - The History of Russia- well worth seeing and listening to
  153. Steam Train from Rizhsky Railway Station
  154. Feeling Nostalgic
  155. these 5 days, even if you are NOT working you get your salary!
  156. Comet Atlas
  157. Hey someone call Putin and tell him
  158. Tik Tok
  159. Cooking challenge
  160. CBD Oil
  161. He got more of a ride than he reckoned..
  162. weather is lousy, it is cold, nothign much to smile or to do,so i was digging up some old jokes...
  163. Topeka Protest. Go or Stay?
  164. Restoration videos
  165. Facebook's "Trusted Information" Banner on Covid-19, Forced Upon Your Homepage, with NO LUBE
  166. Anyone in a Betting Mood?
  167. Happy Birthday Ben!
  168. Happy Mothers day
  169. Возврат моих денег
  170. Womp-bomp-a-loom-op-a-womp-bam-boom
  171. Arnies Fittness video! good that he hasnt lost his sense of humor!
  172. Vacation when it is cold
  173. Fast Food
  174. Overcoming Jet Lag
  175. When the Winds of Change Blow, Some People Build Walls and Others Build Windmills
  176. A Smile Lasts Forever
  177. The Hospice in KURKINO needs help
  178. Weather Report
  179. Where to get a non-mortgage bank loan for PRP Resident?
  180. Comet Neowise
  181. Bulletproof Backpacks for Children
  182. Man finds 9-carat Diamond at Arkansas Park
  183. Girl has World's Longest Legs
  184. Who was it that wanted Cuban cigars?
  185. Donald Trump Ephemera
  186. Jodie Turner-Smith as Anne Boleyn?
  187. Anyone in a Betting Mood?
  188. McDonalds Chicken McNuggets brings $1000
  189. Who got the largest, US or Russia?
  190. THIS.
  191. Vostok?
  192. that is a disgrace indeed. having to collect food from citizens for a hospital!!!!!!
  193. Get your Trumpy Bear!
  194. I'm a Democrat...
  195. Happy Thanksgiving
  196. finally they are cleaning up the CCCP messes and disasters
  197. -Darth Vader -may the force b with him.wherever he is now...
  198. Chubais must be really in the doldrums with VV
  199. How has life ended up like this....................?
  200. Russia's loneliest woman, Agafya- Дykova, gets a new home.
  201. Find out what 2021 has in store for you
  202. from Benedikt to all of you!
  203. Happy New Year!
  204. Person of the Year
  205. Akaho XML-T6 Flashlight
  206. Where's my Car?
  207. I got the Sputnik V Jab
  208. Wolves and Shotguns
  209. Schumer got his Impeachments mixed up
  210. Memes
  211. Better Memes