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  1. Born in the USA in 1980
  2. Oh lexx, I love you and want to meet you too
  3. About male chauvinist pigs
  4. Amazing photos from Norilsk
  5. girls dating and marrying boys who are like their fathers
  6. Party like a Russian!
  7. Working your way through college in the USA and other countries
  8. Ben , need your advice please?
  9. Culture shock and relationships
  10. French fries with Russian dressing
  11. Film quotes
  12. Would you buy a BUK cot?
  13. an unhappy thread
  14. Uncle Wally - Any Nominations?
  15. Tolko's new favorite sport
  16. UFO in Moscow
  17. We get our smarts from mom
  18. Those poor rich people
  19. Cultural differences
  20. Tigers in the Metro
  21. First the Ruble, now the Pound
  22. Best Foreign Minister
  23. Refugees in Russia. Choosing the wrong country.
  24. Grandmas
  25. A Freezing October
  26. Funny
  27. Uncle Wally, How do you like your steak?
  28. Could not wish on my worst enemy
  29. Afro-Americans vs. Koreans
  30. 1 in 3 in UK prefer if Halloween did not exist
  31. More Tiger News!
  32. One for Nat and her girls
  33. Moscow's new poor
  34. What has 100 legs and no hair?
  35. have you seen any Russians running around and rushing to buid bomb shelters?
  36. Just Do It
  37. The post-a-joke thread.
  38. On this occasion, I am NOT guilty!
  39. while the first snow does not make it winter...
  40. RT becomes the most viewed
  41. Knowing when to admit you are in the wrong.
  42. They can take anything
  43. to bad we can-t sleep an hour longer as from Monday?
  44. Refugees exchange squalor for vineyards
  45. being black in today’s Britain
  46. Happy Halloween / All Saints Day
  47. The Soviet Shuffle
  48. snow, definitely more over night...
  49. Russki Seagal
  50. Oleg Popov - Leaves this World :-(
  51. mother nature makes MUCH better snowballs
  52. BBC always sounds funny). (Or stupid?)
  53. Scars and Injuries
  54. Expats on TV
  55. Celebrating rudeness!
  56. Whichever one of you kids got them..
  57. History misrepresented
  58. The worlds shortest IQ test
  59. A great man has died !
  60. Is Britain biased against black people?
  61. Word of the Year 2016 is... Post-truth
  62. Kremlin Security Exercise
  63. some great new Christmas adds.
  64. The Mannequin Challenge
  65. Paradise
  66. Wallys news team
  67. Russian Humour
  68. Just an adorable Russian cat 'guarding' a Moscow region train station
  69. Pioner's Square in Spb
  70. Buying clothes for the lady in your life!
  71. Irish Boys seeking immigration to the US of A
  72. Chechen shopkeepers sell no more alcohol, after deadly accident
  73. A Good Proper Russian Winter
  74. MT not updating
  75. budget in need of cash? re considering beer sales...
  76. Less and Less Human Contact
  77. Hilarious German/English market vid....it is so true:)
  78. The revolution is about to begin, Windows Phone
  79. Christmas adverts
  80. Really? WTF America?
  81. Trump's Scottish welcome
  82. GAME 2, WINTER, THAT should be fun to watch...
  83. Me too!
  84. the Mother of all Santas?
  85. new kind of /Nigerian letter/, it is farming now...
  86. Ski season is open!
  87. Painting for boobs
  88. Another Russian sub caught on video
  89. anyone remembers Zsa Zsa Gabor?
  90. With all the dreadful events going on it is nice to hear something nice for a welcome change!
  91. Winter Solstice
  92. A masterpiece
  93. People Are Photoshopping Trump's Face Onto the Queen
  94. surrogate Alcohol supplier arrested in Irkutsk
  95. Merry Christmas to all who are left on here and celebrate !
  96. Children's games
  97. Beautiful Russia ....
  98. Anybody ever tried this?
  99. Mapping how Americans talk
  100. Just a second longer, 2016
  101. Debbie Reynolds has joined her daughter Carrie Fisher
  102. Happy New Year
  103. Favorite baked goodies from your mom/grandma/aunt
  104. Do not cook black people food!
  105. how in the 60 the CCCP envisaged 2017
  106. Snow flakes
  107. Germans DO have a sense of humour!
  108. Not one thread or even a mention
  109. you also can give more than 100%
  110. who has a wall mounted laundry dryer like in the link
  111. US of A Politics
  112. Merry Christmas
  113. A lean and hungry look
  114. Free chess lessons on skype anyone?
  115. Back to the Grind
  116. The Etymologicon
  117. The Etymologicon Part 2
  118. Smart Motorways
  119. Harbin ice festival
  120. The history of Christmas
  121. Happy (old ) New Year!!!!!!!
  122. honeymoon turned into a nightmare
  123. Embrace your inefficiency
  124. 2017 - The Best Party
  125. Donald Trump demands Russian interns
  126. at Trumps innauguration dinner guests will eat with a FORK!?
  127. AK 47 made and sold in USA
  128. Gays Against Guns
  129. Suspicious Ukraine death
  130. Never realised the Gadfly was so popular in the USSR !
  131. If this is true FatAndy you're a genius!
  132. Trumps interns regret making joke about his small hands
  133. The US of A: FBI Uncovers a major al Qaeda Plot
  134. Fat Andrei - Your In-Box is full!
  135. Happy Groundhog Day
  136. now THAT is winter....
  137. Blame Bananas For Brexit
  138. Life Lessons for Men
  139. Burning ольха!
  140. The stolen phone
  141. Awesome Auchan
  142. We are making a short video and looking for an English speaking volunteer to play the role of an angry boss
  143. Happy Birthday Uncle Wally!
  144. Legal advice, name on deed, buying property in Russia
  145. St.P from the Air!
  146. black America in the 19th century
  147. ( home made) holder for charging handies, etc.....
  148. Instagram beauty boys
  149. does your dog have a microchip? soon YOU might have one as well...
  150. Death throes of Russia's iconic countryside - aljazeera
  151. "Festival of Violence"
  152. Image causing 'confidence issues'
  153. NEVER throw away or lose any piece of paper....
  154. I thought I had seen Kadyrov's face somewhere before...
  155. Not much going on in Expat Cafe these days!
  156. Beautiful aircraft!
  157. World's most clogged cities
  158. Man's Day Gift Ideas
  159. what is the world coming to?
  160. and i thought this happens only in Russia. fake Doktors certs to get citizenship....
  161. Sexual harassment in Silicon valley
  162. Wow , I really bombed this test :(
  163. Is Expat.ru going the way of Twitter?
  164. http://sociumin.com social network....
  165. No more Visa free travel for Americans
  166. China wants Lake Baikal
  167. So what is the Russian love affair with Soy sauce???
  168. to every mother, wife or lover....
  169. 3D printed house in just 24 hours!
  170. Fighting sexual abuse in the Carribean
  171. Are flying RATS taking over Moscow?
  172. Russia's Free Far East E-Visa
  173. Punch-Proof Vests?
  174. Moscow mayor Sobyanin declares war on 'Khrushchevki' and plans to re-house 1.6 million people
  175. Shurigina
  176. oh, we believe you. Why? because you're McDonald's
  177. Rusmeister, What Do You Think? Withdrawal's the best option?
  178. A toy to excite Wally and his ladies:)
  179. Hey it's St Paddy's day , I feel so green....these guys say it all:)
  180. I thought expat.ru needed to see this
  181. What a nice neighbor, Tolko this one's for you
  182. Tallinn
  183. Getting married
  184. People who don't realize that their entire culture has gone bankrupt
  185. Anybody know a trustworthy English speaking guide?
  186. time to change the watches once more...
  187. Ever meet anyone with Heterochromia?
  188. Russian Lad's Ring
  189. had you packed away your winter stuff already?
  190. My next life.....
  191. An Inconvenient Sequel
  192. Billions of Tsar-s gold found in a Siberian railway tunnel
  194. Who is still here? Raise your hand and be counted
  195. New York State of Mind
  196. Hormonal Russian Women
  197. same as in Rostov? for sure not, but people have a short memory..
  198. no translation of the Eurovision song contest in Russia
  199. Easter church bells, will you do me a favor?
  200. Happy Easter
  201. Gervais - Viel Glück zum Geburtstag!
  202. United Airlines: New Mottos
  203. Brain is in a haze
  204. Russia-s fittest Babushka...
  205. American Tax Day was Yesterday, Hooray
  206. what scumbags and other half live we have around here!?
  207. Russian women the coolest techies!
  208. One more Russian!
  209. Take Time to Smell the Flowers...
  210. Wonderful English from around the Globe!
  211. who needs new glasses within the next two weeks?
  212. Russian food and drink. I need your help
  213. Things not to say to Romanian women
  214. Facebook Confusion!
  215. Happy Birthday Benedikt
  216. American/Russian friends
  217. So what do you do with a sack full of roubles?
  218. history of the entire world, i guess
  219. I cry foul, and it ain't a duck
  220. Anti-Smoking Nazi's
  221. If you need a good laugh, this will fix you right up - Bill Nye the Science Guy unhinged
  222. So Portugal win the Eurovision Song Contest!
  223. Has the Western World gone mad?
  224. Are we all being conned ?
  225. Is this the American equivalent to the collapse of the USSR? (serious) maybe worse?
  226. The Age Gap!
  227. Does anyone feel we have a new MODS free feeling to Expat.ru?
  228. How to defeat North Korea's Military High Command
  229. 007,Roger Moore has died
  230. Discovered tonytony on the other side!
  232. The Moscow Pyramid was destroyed by today's hurricane.
  233. Oh, How the once mighty have fallen!
  234. Died, then Married!
  235. It could be an expensive Christmas...
  236. Manspreading
  237. Pow....wow ....so sad !
  238. Anyone coming to the UK next few weeks?
  239. Is Great Britain floating away post-BREXIT?
  240. Are the pavements taking over?
  241. Can a woman make you a $Millionaire?
  242. I moved my kids out of America, It was the best parenting decision I've ever made
  243. I'll drink to that!
  244. Anybody do much driving around Russia?
  245. Russian Country Western?
  246. FAS counted paving slabs ( on Tverskaya?)
  247. - look,it is snowing-!
  248. today,6th June, last day for Moscow Times
  249. What a sad story.w
  250. India's most polluted river