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  1. German Male dies blowing up a condom machine!
  2. Nice when a bit of snow falls.......
  3. this driver for sure has ´cojones´
  4. and where is the Panda now?
  5. We found a kopek coin in the pocket of a new coat
  6. Where are all the Russian people?
  7. thousands of Russian women for turkish men
  8. The big question of the New Year , where is our friend TR?
  9. What Are Your New Year's Resolutions? - Here's One Idea
  10. Joke to relieve all the bad news!
  11. where is the sniper? not as easy as the Panda...
  12. K-Pop group detained at LA airport
  13. i want to work as CLEANER at Gasprom!
  14. Russian prison chief -stole- 50 km of road...
  15. Happy old New Year!
  16. SUGRU -irish- mallable super glue. anyone knows?
  17. how can a FLOOR fall out from a lift!?
  18. (FSB) if they come for you...
  19. Y a des français? Merci:-)
  20. Grannies, selling samagon is not enough anymore...
  21. Guys,Valentins day is around the corner, a present for the love of your life!
  22. Russia's Craft Beer Revolution
  23. Returning to The UK ?
  24. Cop stops Ambulance for Migallki Ar***holes
  25. Agafya, what a remarkable woman!
  26. How mutton flaps are killing Tonga
  27. Do wild pigeons drive you mad?
  28. are we gonna be slip sliding on the weekend?
  29. Happy hour and drinks flowing in the newest Islamic state
  30. Keiser Report: Sanctions, special Moscow series
  31. Any chance someone can tell us where TR is ....never met the man but I am really concerned!
  32. Expats who are considering learning Russian should ponder this........
  33. Why are Americans angry?
  34. Dubai last night!
  36. I will be in Moscow from 11th to 14th. Any fun thing to do around?
  37. Managed Democracy
  38. This car looks like fun
  39. Moscow shops demolished
  40. Hold the barrel steady!
  41. who issues passports in England? Brit tourist uses her as toilet paper...
  42. Indigenous Australians
  43. TUVA gold ornaments, incredible...
  44. Slavic hares
  45. Abuse of animals. Where is PETA looking?
  46. Happy Birthday Yozhik!
  47. Anybody remember the good old days of posting?
  48. Californian rock band on guns
  49. Back in Time for the Weekend
  50. Sochi Olympics cost 19 billion?
  51. Congratulations to all Russian defenders!
  52. vossy7 stopped & questioned by Politsiya!
  53. Some Days - They just start better than others! :-)
  54. Wie gut ist seine Aussprache?
  55. anyone using the site and services couchserving?
  56. Michael More - Where to invade next.
  57. Are you born on the 29th of February?
  58. Do you speak like a true Brit?
  59. next stop Greece? for Russian holidaymakers...
  60. On some days, do you ever need motivating?
  61. Dog Laika and Juri Gagarin, fake stories as well?
  62. Yavlinsky for president
  63. Masha Gessen spewing forward her crap reports
  64. Mashenka! What have you done?
  65. Happy woman's day to one and all:)
  66. Ahh , spring is in the air, sorry for the bad photos!
  67. Enjoy your Kellogg cereal
  68. the CORRECT way to say =cheers= i nRussia!
  69. ladies do you need a SPECIAL haircut?
  70. What kind of phone do you use?
  71. A little Conan for ya
  72. Saudi scientist make break through in science!
  73. Watch this genius anti-Hilary Trump commercial, starring a snickering Vladimir Putin
  74. maths, this is 4th class PRIMARY school in Austria
  75. Once numbnuts said to me
  76. Food for thought
  77. Boeing crashed in Rostov, 55 dead
  78. Russia lights their rockets with a giant ´match´?
  79. now the Russians want to go to the moon?
  80. What a Charmer!
  81. Paying Ultilities
  82. Such a proud parent!
  83. CCCP heroes. another myth debunked?
  84. The media is not controlled?
  85. Exausted!!!!!
  86. The Stones in Cuba! and for free!
  87. Do you want to be a meat eater or veg eater?
  88. =summer time starts today=
  89. weddings, coach and six white horses...
  90. What is your net worth?
  91. How does your job experience influence your life?
  92. Garden Ring is getting a make over this summer
  93. The Father of Europe
  94. Savchenko should get 10 EXTRA years...
  95. Any Danish speaking people here?
  96. How many people do you have sex with? 18+
  97. a film that had me glued to the screen right to the end
  98. Bonjour from Paris
  99. Libya - Ghadames
  100. Now I know winter is finally over......
  101. Uncle Wally - is that you on drums?
  102. VV-s new car.. a nice toy indeed
  103. how many times a week should you shower?
  104. Social Dancing in Moscow?
  105. first picnic and the pigs are lose....
  106. is anyone collecting SHIGULI Xmas 1 ltr beer cans?
  107. End of the road for Moscow's trolleybuses
  108. when suddenly,and rude (?)awoken from sleep, do you also react like that?
  109. have you borrowed books 18 years ago about Ukrainian famine and hunger?
  110. Cost of Preserving Lenin's body
  111. Putin Cafe
  112. this is not a plug for Akado
  113. ´Happy wive, happy life´?
  114. How could YOU resist!
  115. if this IS a photo of the library
  116. DME and construction
  117. Lisa Marie
  118. SAVIK Shuster, where is he going to be next?
  119. Kudrin to write a new economic plan
  120. Holiday stickers - is it possible to buy them?
  121. Toilet Doors!
  122. is ´priority ´mail same as ´airmail ´?
  123. Endangered Species - Possible Explanation!
  124. Angel or Sex Toy!
  125. Happy Birthday Ben!
  126. Palmyra hosts Russian concert
  127. Kalashnikov Fashions, they have plans indeed!
  128. Transareo does not fly anymore, but still can swim....
  129. I need a new pair of binoculars ,any ideas.
  130. Molnia Watch
  131. Observations....
  132. how much you remember past times? how good do you know Russia?
  133. Victory Day around some places...
  134. Uncle Wally - One for you!
  135. Spooky Mannequin!
  136. Uncle Wally - This Senorita can sing!
  137. Trump's Childrens' Book
  138. India, the Forest Man,an amzing story
  139. Beating the Metro
  140. Is this picture disgusting or beautiful?
  141. Mark Twain travelled to Russia...
  142. Are most Brits left-handed?
  143. The Russian Card
  144. Mosquitos
  145. Will Hollywood respect east Asian actors?
  146. Post Office Tracking Number
  147. The Internationale
  148. water pump for well
  149. America's Got Talent
  150. summer begin in Siberia!
  151. - I am the greatest- is no more.
  152. Islamophobin - At a store near you!
  153. Trump knows more about IS / Daesh than his Generals!
  154. Отто Мюллер from Берлин
  155. Ramadan Mubarak!
  156. Well Done , John Oliver
  157. English Breakfast for Kings
  158. US of A - Political History in the Making!
  159. Aristocracy, liberalism, progress, principles
  160. Kiselyov Ooops
  161. Moscow Roadworks -Tverskaya
  162. Take the bull by the horns
  163. $4bn theme park in Russia
  164. The best Balalika player in the Universe ......bar none!
  165. Beer tonight?
  166. On the Front Page for the wrong reason!
  167. excellent film, The Black Robe
  168. can we have some of this weather in Moscow?
  169. Visiting only the Diamond Fund
  170. Wallet Stolen, Debit card misused - Seek Advise
  171. Happy Father's Day
  172. Iceland toughens up road signs
  173. summer starts today with a /strawberry moon/
  174. ´procedure´for a character refernece
  175. Free Sex in Ireland!
  176. Seeking a coach/mentor/friend for relocating to Russia
  177. Bud Spencer swings his fists no more.
  178. Vodka is vegan!
  179. If you want to enter the US you must
  180. Jet stream crosses equator
  181. The Romanovs
  182. Zaza penalty
  183. Happy 4th of July to all Americans!
  184. Woman suddenly decides to get a divorce, causes 7 hour delay on the Moscow - Vladivostok flight
  185. TODAY!!!! have you kissed your partner already?
  186. ATTENTION do you have a Hover board!?
  187. nice toy for the army boys (and girls?)
  188. Moscow restaurant life - request from TimeOut Moscow magazine
  189. Zyablik where are you?
  190. Beer pipeline
  191. it is cold at night? or just - layover- and a hangover?
  192. Want to know what Speznaz is eating out in the woods?
  193. Americans try to speak Russian
  194. Russian Outbound Tourism :) - Guys I need your help!
  195. Last night's storm.
  196. Bless the ol' lady
  197. please suggest me a Russian Name.
  198. Moscow Times has a new face?
  199. -Rookie FSB off to Siberia-, going to write parking citations for a while
  200. Russian Balloonist beats the US of A Record
  201. US Elections
  202. Happy birthday Natlee!
  203. Cuteness alert!
  204. Sleepy Kitty Cat
  205. Guy counterfeits 250 mn usd and walks away clean!
  206. Paid Annual Leave
  207. Guess who?
  208. Our 30 year wedding anniversary on Sunday
  209. 8000 US troops deploy (ed) in Siberia
  210. Today is World Cats Day
  211. Best Olympic Photo to Date
  212. German family flees to Russia, asks for asylum
  213. remember the dead kids in that Karelia camp?
  214. Russia’s Golden Ring
  215. The Kremlin infiltrating Scotland
  216. Boris Johnson speaks Russian
  217. Like Father, Like Daughter
  218. What do you see in these eyes?
  219. Couldn't agree more!
  220. MI26, now THAT is a helicopter
  221. //the sleeping dictionary//
  222. August 18, where were you?
  223. So Nice to Read Some Positive News for Once :)
  224. Rio, sex on the beach, live on the BBC
  225. How does your country measure up?
  226. Kalashnikov opens shop at the airport
  227. The human quest for freedom (what is freedom?)
  228. The horrors of gay parenting.
  229. I love the google car! Here is the doorway that leads to the BEST piroshki in Moscow
  230. Ukrainian language
  231. Political funnies
  232. producer-factory mark on an old plate
  233. coming to Russia to teach
  234. 2 russian films make it big in China
  235. coming to Russia to preach
  236. The least popular word in English
  237. funny or offensive?
  238. Australian man 'put acid in sex club lubricant'
  239. if your friend told you...
  240. We'll make great pets, wish someone would adopt us
  241. anybody from New Jersey or studied there?
  242. Putin gets arrested!
  243. is anybody from New Jersey, USA?
  244. about friendship. murder of bobby kent
  245. home-schooling
  246. Right as always he is!
  247. This horrible Russian Orthodox Church. Rus vs RL.
  248. abstinence syndrome
  249. Remembering those who have
  250. it's good that there are Jews