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  1. (office supplies/kickstarter/magnetic wahtever it is) anyone has it
  2. Ever wondered why Americans are fat?
  3. Sweden - Don't Go There! ;-)
  4. United Russia Manifesto from 2002..
  5. Paint It black devil!!!!! come on brothers!!!!!!!
  6. After a very long day at FMS yesterday all I can do is tell a joke!
  7. On RT (on BBC)
  8. Yosemite park,second tourist sickend with bubonic plague?
  9. Interesting photos.....
  10. FMS new points system proposed for residence permits
  11. Lukashenko harvests potatoes at his residence garden
  12. running over a bear 8 times with a car
  13. SkyLink problems anybody?
  14. USA 14 cops agains 1, one legged, black male
  15. Cheese Enforcement Agency
  16. Love these late Summer days !
  17. An Arab Student emails his Dad!
  18. Today is Day of the Russian Flag
  19. In London! swimming there!?
  20. Nice day out in Melihovo (Мелихово ) .......:)
  21. Hydrogen-powered battery
  22. I like that teacher, cool cat indeed!
  23. Now -they- go for washing powder and Shampoo as well
  24. Accidents do happen.
  25. Do you want to marry?
  26. If I'm not having it nobody is....hic!
  27. Tama the Stationmaster Cat
  28. stock up on your favorite tipple?!
  29. Russians Consider Marrying, Giving Birth and Education Most Important Things
  30. need a flame thrower? for home use? only in the USA!
  31. Spam the spammers :)
  32. Why I'm no patriot
  33. Russians holiday at home!
  34. Greetings from Beirut!
  35. Immigrant Alert!!!
  36. Your favourite whisky, whiskey
  37. Facts you didn't know about the kremlin stars....
  38. Первый звонок !
  39. now that is news!Has VV a new girlfriend?
  40. will expat comply with this new law?
  41. Are Russians still exotic people?
  42. someone lost a camel or two?
  43. Brain drain
  44. Met someone new
  45. USA and Canadian students in Russia - St. Peterburg and beyond
  46. The last days of SqueezyJet flights to Manchester :(
  47. if you like or are interested in Russia's history
  48. silly blond indeed, and =blind= on top of it
  49. It is All so serious here, so some jokes!
  50. HOSTESS needed for October 14-17
  51. 2 boys amazing escape from kindergarten to buy a jaguar car
  52. Knout or gingerbread?
  53. Khodorkovsky has his name trademark protected
  54. Plane(s), what are they doing in Tushino?
  55. CCCP Ekranoplane dusted off and it will fly once more?
  56. Bridge of Spies
  57. some thoughts for the day
  58. Soviet envoy's book reveals missed opportunities to pre-empt Hitler's attack on the Soviet Union
  59. for Harley fans only...
  60. for Harley fans only...
  61. how much more sick it will become? 9 year old kid shoots bear for birthday present
  62. 456 jobs Russian women can't do?
  63. How to appear more intelligent on expat.ru
  64. HAPPY NEW YEAR,to everyone who celebrates today
  65. Women or Mice!
  66. What are the greatest pleasures of human existence?
  67. Frogs
  68. In an ideal world (pics)
  69. Saint Petersburg vs. Moscow
  70. VV and Bunga Bunga and =a case of sour grapes=?
  71. Russians in France
  72. The Russians and their Mushrooms
  73. States of America. Beyond ghettos and suburbia
  74. American heartland. Hobbies and Leisure activities
  75. Domestic Violence/Abuse. Black Dot Campagne
  76. A $ 357 mil toy for the US President, Before add ons they say..
  77. Generation standstill
  78. A Wish Just Came True
  79. between tomorrow and the 28th the world will end, once more!
  80. This is why I love the 100 metre hurdles.
  81. hot water pipe burst, great video
  82. Eid al Adha Mubarak :)
  83. Did the Pope forget his beanie?
  84. One for Fantastika & Alan65
  85. 40 million Russians affected by drugs.
  86. New Bond Theme
  87. antibacterial soap is for the birds
  88. i dreamt all night long about my work
  89. 'sexist' Dalai Lama
  90. THESE are RUSSIAN models!
  91. Russia considering American style food stamp program..
  92. Do vegetables fear being chopped up and eaten?
  93. Igor Butman, superman!
  94. Empty Tents for 3 Million in Saudi whilst Syrian Refugees go without!
  95. VOA teaching us English and a few other things
  96. want to find your =twin=?
  97. Anyone using the Amazon Firestick?
  98. Illya needs a new Simone (soft toy...)
  99. Come on, admit it...........
  100. US medical student looking for volunteer opportuinty
  101. Getting forgetful in my old age
  102. Buggering with the business end of an AK-47 is too good for them.
  103. and we thought MOSCOW is expensive?
  104. Angela Merkel for Peace Nobel price?
  105. -the bear necessities?-
  106. Where has this beautiful weather come from?
  107. More at home abroad than at home. Are you?
  108. Incredible Power of Concentration
  109. Boy 15, stabs parents, because he was not allowed the computer
  110. Yuri Luzhkov is making cheese in Kaliningrad? Seriously?
  111. Rosinka Campus opening, what is the date?
  112. Happy Birthday �� Mr Putin!
  113. Airbus new seating arrangements....
  114. The first snow of winter......brrrrrrrrrrrrrr!
  115. ENG-RUS speaking hostess needed for October 14-17
  116. and you thought Moscow has a traffic problem!?
  117. Nice to see MGU make the list......
  118. Only in the US of A!
  119. The news as it should be reported.
  120. Russian TV from 90s to now...
  121. isn't it supposed to be COLD in Siberia now?
  122. Fly to the Edge of Space
  123. In all the madness, I wake to this.....
  124. cheap crude, not only Russia(ns) are suffering
  125. For Benedikt...
  126. Expats in Russia. New trends
  127. now in DECEMBER the world will end, once more....
  128. Today is =white cane day=
  129. Classical music , still a great night out in Russia:)
  130. Finding basic things in Moscow , same as it ever was :)
  131. The most spiritual nation in the world
  132. A love story for Nat and a true spy novel for TR .....really!
  133. one day no sale of booze? officials have mush instead of brains...
  134. New guy - impressions of American writer about Russia
  135. Not my photo, but..........
  136. K7 heavy Russian Bomber, they wanted to build THAT
  137. Swiss Cheese is Back.
  138. -Back to the future- part 3 is TODAY
  139. Drinking Coffee while Driving is Illegal?
  140. AliExpress
  141. Curry club at Tibet Himalya
  142. As Moscow changes, so does the Moscow Times.
  143. Ahh the joys of cooking alone.......
  144. at least the cows in Russia will be happy
  145. happy holiday all Austrians!
  146. banning Halloween. they started....
  147. bluegrass or rock bank
  148. "Shit" Restaurant
  149. Cats & Boxes!
  150. and they call us here racist?
  151. someone stole a reindeer from Ded Moroz
  152. How hot is your coffee?
  153. do we have people from S. Korea? I want to know about S. Korean gamers and their culture
  154. VVP Tops the Forbes List (again)
  155. A culinary question to gentlemen
  156. Made in Russia "a global brand"
  157. Russian Orthodox Church to Set Up Own Wi-Fi Network
  158. Charlie Hebdo thinks this is funny? =russian bombing=.
  159. UDI got 250 000 Pounds cheque!
  160. British Snow art in Yakutia
  161. 8 mm film,VHS Videos, old dias on to cd/s or flashkey
  162. "Strange" things to bring from Moscow.
  163. Winter Will We Have One
  164. China to stop exporting counterfeits?
  165. they ARE worth saving and need our help and protection!
  166. shoplifting- nearly half are the own employees
  167. Favorite funny sayings.....
  168. Increase in police presence in Moscow?
  169. good morning Moscow Times
  170. Hoax Letter
  171. Dam the sun is out I have to work!!!!
  172. Self-Perception!
  173. crispy toast? peple realy believe that crap on FB?
  174. there is nothing that is not possible?
  175. Uncle Wally - A Warning!
  176. (maybe) older people who went to school during CCCP times?
  177. not only drunk (russian...) Drivers, sailors too..
  178. Western leaders agreed to extend Russia sanctions by six months...
  179. A post of silence for the Russian servicemen who gave their lives fighting terrorism
  180. Can I have one please?
  181. F*cking hilarious.....
  182. need a job? bed warmer might be just right for you?
  183. Happy Thanksgiving
  184. Store offers Drive-in Service
  185. Question: Russian property ownership
  186. All Stockmann-s sold and will be closed
  187. In All the Doom & Gloom, herewith some humour...
  188. Tolka what happened to your gloom and doom post
  189. TV,Computer on standby,anywhere to find out how much it costs on electricity?
  190. For Tolko Raz
  191. can we have such Metro cars in Moscow?
  192. Hilarious!
  193. Uncle Wally, You are a Lothario; Does this work with the ladies?
  194. My favourite Advent Calendar!
  195. 20 tons of smuggled iPhones seized at the airport.
  196. is there anyyjing wrong here?
  197. is there anyyjing wrong here?
  198. The birds are queuing up:)
  199. Quiz - which world leader are you?
  200. now i know why the put up all the white sand on the river side here in Strogino!
  201. 5 injured by =home made device= on Moscow Bus Stop
  202. have you forgotten where you parked your Jumbo last night?
  203. US expat: 'I don't like America, I love Africa'
  204. On thin ice!
  205. For Benedikt (and all dog lovers)
  206. How pathetic is this?
  207. here the guardian angels worked overtime!
  208. Incredible fashion from Yakutia
  209. Where Have All the Posters gone?
  210. Brave Tourists
  211. future of the Boeing 747 depends on (one) Russian company?
  212. New Year's Decorations(Tverskaya Boulevard)
  213. nice pics from Baikonur launch
  214. The 'F' Word!
  215. We need a new source ,have I asked before, feck knows?
  216. why do we wish ´Merry Christmas´but ´happy New Year´
  217. Ahh the US and their weird Xmas cards !
  218. Planning World War III
  219. Crazy weather......I hate it!
  220. Boozing , check your score!
  221. criminal tattoos in Russian jails. a story worth reading
  222. no more Ukrainian Salo from January 1st...
  223. How cool is this??
  224. world longest GLASS bridge. You want to walk there?
  225. Chrismas trees around the world
  226. rent should be falling as well, suppose it will not?!
  227. new 100 ruble note...
  228. Merry Christmas to all!
  229. NORAD Santa Tracker
  230. check it out and weep...
  231. it is now called accident...police killing in Chicago
  232. New Year traditions around the world
  233. German Male dies blowing up a condom machine!
  234. Nice when a bit of snow falls.......
  235. this driver for sure has ´cojones´
  236. and where is the Panda now?
  237. We found a kopek coin in the pocket of a new coat
  238. Where are all the Russian people?
  239. thousands of Russian women for turkish men
  240. The big question of the New Year , where is our friend TR?
  241. What Are Your New Year's Resolutions? - Here's One Idea
  242. Joke to relieve all the bad news!
  243. where is the sniper? not as easy as the Panda...
  244. K-Pop group detained at LA airport
  245. i want to work as CLEANER at Gasprom!
  246. Russian prison chief -stole- 50 km of road...
  247. Happy old New Year!
  248. SUGRU -irish- mallable super glue. anyone knows?
  249. how can a FLOOR fall out from a lift!?
  250. (FSB) if they come for you...