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  1. Pets from Russia to UK
  2. Pets
  3. Puppies need your help guys
  4. Free German Shepard Puppy to Good home
  5. free litter box
  6. Cat minder needed
  7. Cat minder needed
  8. Dog Shelter in Moscow?
  9. beautiful little cat needs a new owner
  10. doberman - free to good home
  11. beautiful little puppy looking for a loving family
  12. Free to good home
  13. femme siamese compamion needed
  14. will urgently adopt a 8 month to 1.5 yr old cat
  16. Vets
  17. Cat looking for new home
  18. 4 month kitten need good home
  19. Rottweiler Free to Good Home
  20. Moscow Animal Website
  21. False charity- Animal shelter - public beware!
  22. cats to USA
  23. very cute new kitten up for adoption!
  24. Looking for black kitten
  25. Cat Liter
  26. Dog, Free to good home
  27. moving to Moscow with my doggy
  28. Needed: Good Vet
  29. Aquarist
  30. Dog Still looking for new home
  31. Kitten free to good home
  32. Looking for a dog or Cat?
  33. advice about air travel with cats
  34. Rottweiler!!
  35. 2 cats looking for new home
  36. Price for air transport of animals?
  37. Landlords and the no pet policy?
  38. Adoption - do a good thing!
  39. Looking to buy: Transport kennel/cage
  40. Russian Blue cat
  41. rabbits allowed?
  42. pet pix!
  43. Shipping Russian pets to the US
  44. A Wolf For The Day
  45. wild pets
  46. A good kennel/petsitter for pets ???
  47. Dog Advice
  48. Home Needed for Kitten
  49. in continuation to "pet pix"
  50. Podenco Ibicenco
  51. good dog school
  52. Dogs n Fish
  53. Pet Shipping via Aeroflot
  54. kitten
  55. Talking Parrot
  56. Looking to adopt one or two kittens
  57. hi
  58. Cocker spanial breeders
  59. Guinea Pig for good home
  60. The Perfect Guard Dog
  61. Kitty 4 U
  62. catwalk in the park
  63. a adorable 2.5 month trained kitten for adoption
  64. very sweet cat needs new home
  65. kitten wanted
  66. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
  67. Home needed!
  68. Home wanted
  69. Cat needs home....
  70. Cat needs home....
  71. wonderful puppies available
  72. small "шнауцеры" looking for a mum
  73. puppies need home
  74. sigh
  75. anyone got baby gunea pigs, for a change?
  76. Cat query
  77. Terrapins free with equipmet
  78. 3 month old kitten free
  79. bringing a pet to Russia
  80. 3 month and 3 day kitten still free to good (or any) home
  81. walking your dog
  82. Kitten for sale, really, really, really cheap.
  83. For Sadie and Ned: Your Cat Behaviour Problem Solved
  84. What animal would you really want as a pet?
  85. cistern for dry food
  86. games with your pet
  87. cat sitter
  88. Yorkies for sale
  89. Brader's Evil Cat !
  90. Dog Training
  91. Does anyone know?
  92. hiking in the nature (and room)
  93. Pretty Kitten to a Good Home
  94. black cat for adoption
  95. A half-breed puppy looking for a new home
  96. Another 'Does Anyone Know?'
  97. Carry case for 20kg dog??
  98. cat looking for home ...
  99. Sadly, I must part with one of my cats
  100. Toilet problem, with a cat?!?!?
  101. Soon to be born -
  102. Medical Specialty Cat Food
  103. Cat trees and other stuff
  104. Need Kitty Vet near Akademecheskaya
  105. Public apology
  106. british kitties urgent
  107. Kennels (Places to board a pet)
  108. How to de-stat a cat?
  109. Free Playful Kitty to nice home (6 months old)
  110. Russian Blue Cats are they truly Russians?
  111. kennels in moscow?
  112. Where to buy a Russian blue?
  113. I want a dog
  114. Caution! Ticks!
  115. Who needs a nice cat?
  116. Pets and Air travel
  117. That Sexual Urge
  118. importing pets into Russia
  119. excellent vet clinic...NW MOSCOW
  120. Hello, My Name is Duracell and.....
  121. Walking the cat
  122. Cat to good home
  123. Please Adopt My Dog
  124. Kittens Need a Home
  125. 2 Adorable Kittens Need a Home
  126. Love us temporarily...
  127. whippet puppies?
  128. Beta Fish for the Boyfriend
  129. nice kitten is looking for good owners
  130. Attention Pet Lovers! PET ID SYSTEM
  131. Turtles to good home
  132. Miniature Schnauzers
  133. Get Those Scissors Out!
  134. Parrot
  135. FISH STORE ? Salt Water ?
  136. expat pet doctors
  137. the most ugly dog in the world
  138. Travel vaccinations and dox for a dog??
  139. Exporting pet out of the country, need help!
  140. Pet Stores in Moscow?
  141. I rather not comment
  142. How Could You?
  143. Urgent help needed!
  144. Who needs a nice 3 weeks old hampster? :) FREE
  145. Dog rips todler's face off
  146. MY KITTENS for FREE for GOOD people
  147. Young male poodle is free for loving home
  148. Sweet Dog in Need of Good Home
  149. Turtle is looking for a new home
  150. Dog walking
  151. Flying with cats
  152. Keeping exotic pets in Russia
  153. Affectionate older cat free to a good home
  154. Cute puppies are looking for home
  155. Do you want to adopt a snow-white kitten from our calico cat?
  156. Bring Pets to Moscow and need advice
  157. walk with a dog
  158. taking my cat to moscow!
  159. Very Basic Questions...
  160. RIP my old buddy
  161. Aeroflot or Lufthansa? (with animals along for ride)
  162. Dogs need friends too!
  163. Free pet sitting!
  164. Looking for a good vet
  165. Vernadskogo Prospekt
  166. Where to Find
  167. Seeking: Vet for Cats
  168. free hamsters :)
  169. Animal savers
  170. Tibet Mix Found
  171. Anyone taken their cat from Russia to UK?
  172. Follow on to thread: Anyone taken their cat from Russia to UK?
  173. seeking a dog hotel in Moscow
  174. Moving to Moscow w/cats - questions!
  175. Fluffy Grey Kittens Need Home
  176. Get my cat to the UK
  177. Does any one know procedures to bring my dog to moscow
  178. Where to buy FIsh
  179. Getting at Cat to the US (NY)
  180. 2 Sweet Cats Looking For A New Home!
  181. Which(and How meny) pet do you have?
  182. he used 7 up of his 9 lives...
  183. sign of love
  184. Iguana?
  185. Kittens free to good homes!
  186. Kittens free to good homes!
  187. Tails of Disaster!! (and 3 questions)
  188. How much do you pay a pet sitter?
  189. Paw Cleaning once the snow turns black?
  190. just wanted to say
  191. Our lovely pets ^^
  192. lovely dog desperately looking for home
  193. Pet Sitting??
  194. Adorable puppy needs a home!
  195. Our little friends
  196. Good dogs for apartments in Moscow?
  197. The Joys of Swimming
  198. Cute cat still looking for home...but getting more urgent
  199. Urgent help needed for a dog!
  200. Little cat needs a home asap
  201. Desperately Seeking Dog Walker!
  202. Anybody who wants to adopt our turtle?
  203. Urgent Help Needed with my Ferret
  204. New home urgently needed for young cat and dog
  205. Show-room quality scottish fold kitten is looking for a new home
  206. German Shepherd Dog and Puppies for Sale
  207. for fish/aquarium lovers...
  208. Parks near Arbat
  209. Dogs on the Bus?
  210. Cats quiz. So you thought you know cats....Wrongo!
  211. Dogs and Swimming
  212. Funny Things About Pets
  213. Need to find a place for my parrots urgently^^
  214. Teenagers Are A**H***S
  215. Exporting two Persians to Australia
  216. Bringing a dog to Moscow?
  217. Exporting Dogs Out Of Moscow
  218. Exporting Dogs Out Of Moscow
  219. white-black kitten 2 months y.o 's lookin 4 warm home
  220. Doctor for our friends
  221. Cute Puppies
  222. Is Your Morning Ever Like This?
  223. turtles looking for good home
  224. Dog-walker
  225. pet care
  226. News of Weird
  227. Best Hug Ever . . .
  228. Moscow Pet Shop
  229. Looking to adopt a cat...
  230. Recomended vet services??
  231. Any place to buy discounted dog food?
  232. 2 little cuties looking for a new Mummy
  233. Dogs and cats for adoption -HELP!!!
  234. dog's hotels?
  235. http://dogs.claws.ru/ - ADOPT Free of charge
  236. http://dogs.claws.ru/ - ADOPT Free of charge
  237. HELP!!! Deperate for a Dog Walker near Paveletskaya
  238. I can take care of ur pet
  239. Where to buy crickets for snacking?
  240. Pet owners
  241. shelters
  242. Pretty cool pet
  243. Looking for Scottish fold kitten
  244. Bringing cat to Russia
  245. Silly puppy!
  246. Cat lost in the center of Moscow!!!!
  247. What Luna Learned While Mom Was Away
  248. Catteries
  249. dogwalker/trainer in Moscow
  250. Cute Kitty is Waiting for You!