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  1. Pets
  2. I know - we have seen it before-
  3. Cat
  4. Help with cat please
  5. beautiful female cat free to good home
  6. animal myths you might re think
  7. need my one post to send messages
  8. Красавица Лайма ищет хозяина!
  9. Maltese pup male-wanted
  10. Swans get moved into winter quaters
  11. Boarding for cat
  12. THEY did not ask me, but i do it anyway
  13. your pet and NY noise,fireworks
  14. Do you want me to look after your kitty? :)
  15. MY one eyed dog. Thanks to Vet Shilkin. Please beware.
  16. Dogs Have a Butt Compass
  17. while not a pet, still nice
  18. balancing goats
  19. Caesar is looking for a home!
  20. Cooper also wants ice cream
  21. is it an ostich? a bird? NO a crocodile!!!!
  22. dog owners: don't' forget your tick collar!
  23. home alone....
  24. I can look after your cat
  25. BOLFO tick and flea products,who uses?
  26. dog owners: walk your pets on a leash
  27. four dogs -pray- before they eat their meal
  28. (un?) official pet cemetery in Strogino
  29. how clever cat gets her toy mouse
  30. Dog Flea & Tick Control Comparison Chart
  31. when it is ok NOT to be in bed with your wife/husband/boyfriend/girlfriend?
  32. taking a cat out of the country
  33. cat saves kid from dog attack
  34. what a friend!!!not with grill sausage!
  35. nice kitties
  36. -we- have a new place!!!!!
  37. Special cat
  38. also in English on facebook
  39. oh boy, a photo to remember
  40. just fun to watch
  41. the Pigdog
  42. abused elephant rescue
  43. My Cat
  44. Thinking of getting a pet? Adopt, don't buy!
  45. adorable kitten seeks forever home ASAP
  46. 8th August is -CATS DAY-
  47. Flea/Tick-Control - Product Comparison Charts
  48. Siberia: a dog is a little girls best friend
  49. this is NOT a plug for dog food,but..
  50. updated contacts for vet
  51. Kitty needs a home
  52. German Shepard mix
  53. clever elephants: no food, no pass
  54. -i alwys find my ball-
  55. dog owners: keep the tick collar on your dog
  56. Beautiful kitten needs a home!
  57. happy chappy: baby elephant
  58. Cat "hotels" in Moscow
  59. English speaking vet to recommend?
  60. there ARE still nice people around
  61. dog walker/pet sitter for hire!
  62. Beautiful Dog Needs Good Home!
  63. Nobosibirsk's own Hachiko
  64. Beatiful cat needs new friend.
  65. dog gets 3d printed frontlegs
  66. Lisa and Illya
  67. Anybody needs in help with watching after his kitty during vacations?
  68. Dog Trainer and behavior modifier
  69. he is for sure no bird brain
  70. do you feed PURINA pet food?
  71. dog owners it is time for the TICKCOLLAR
  72. keep your dog on a leash ( killings in Moscow and MO)
  73. Lisa does not like HER water
  74. forget about the rest, go to
  75. official pet cemetery. sad occasion but it will come up
  76. ticks/poisoned dogs
  77. Need a pet sitter
  78. a big thank you to CATS AND DOGS AND NESTLE!
  79. also Cats have to confess
  80. Traveling by Plane With a Dog to Russia
  81. Help! Stray dogs in my building
  82. sick in their brain,cat in washing machine
  83. i konow it is an old thing
  84. mother is the best, for kids or bear cubs...
  85. Lisa thinks this is the best place
  86. cats as (blood) donors
  87. Dog Show for homeless Dogs
  88. how am i supposed to work
  89. Moscow,stolen guide dog
  90. for cat lovers only ? 8 August is world cats day
  91. there could be no better friend
  92. who does things like that?
  93. forget the german language
  94. look what the fishermen got
  95. Fox in Nobosibirsk
  96. Animal Blessing Service in London
  97. 3 cheers for the captain. diverted plane.......
  98. Hi guys I`m an experienced cat sitter
  99. Lisa sleeps on Jhinn's tail...
  100. Siberia, bear cub got stuck in kitchen window...
  101. thank you company CATS& DOGS
  102. Special suburban hotel for cats
  103. MY favorite Pet
  104. 5000 duckies on the run for water....
  105. fighting animal cruelty in =Putins Russia=
  106. she deceided NOT to become lunch for the tiger
  107. thank you pet store -cats&dogs, sponsors for dog kennel friends of the homeless animals.
  108. 2 pussies looking for a good home
  109. Very friendly kittens available
  110. a dog walks into a cow barn...
  111. don't forget to renew the tick and flea collar
  112. Holy Cow! this one for sure is not your usual pet....
  113. just watch theclip, sleeping bear cubs
  114. crap reagent of the roads again? (for dogs!!!!)
  115. beginning of the end for Amur and Timur?
  116. Cat boarding service in Moscow. (Cat-hotel.ru)
  117. i know icebears are for sure no pets
  118. DOG OWNERS put on the tick collars
  119. is that a cat burglar?
  120. you did see right, the elephant IS pink...
  121. a REAL cat burgler....
  122. i know icebears are no pets...
  123. baby deer trapped in the mud...
  124. who knows the law, walking the dog with-without leash and muzzle?
  125. no more Tiger and goat, now it is bear and badger
  126. who is Lisa?
  127. Rabid hedgehogs and tickbites
  128. Pet shop chainīcats & dogs is no more...
  129. this kitty for sure has more than nine lives
  130. Spaying my kitten
  131. World Dog Sho at Krokus Expo
  132. good to know!
  133. Help needed with BEOPHAR Kitty Milk
  135. walking any dog WITHOUT leash, if it is under 25 kg? any law?
  136. a Bull is no Pet, but this one should never be made into Salami
  137. well, these tow are not hiding and will not end in the pot...
  138. Cat Sitter or Cat Hotel Wanted
  139. Manul ( russian wild) Kittens...
  140. Cat sitter or cat hotel required
  141. suppose a beaver is not a pet...
  142. steriisation and castration done at home
  143. (Black?) cats needed for master and Margarita....
  144. who is using L-Collagen and/or Ga-Glican
  145. having 8 puppies in a Metro car! anyone been there at that time?
  146. Catnip in Russia
  147. very hungry beaver in Strogino
  148. Cat groomer
  149. Favorite pets
  150. just watch the pics, no need to read...
  151. Russian man saves dog from icy water
  152. Vasili is ready, for whatever is there....
  153. Seymon for sure has used up all this 9 lives?
  154. 3 months Bengal male kitten for sale
  155. Illya holding out a paw...
  156. Att dog owners in the Tushino,Strogino, Shchukino area...
  157. Cats and the Christmas trees...
  158. where is Kitty?
  159. if you like cats and dogs, have a look at the site...
  160. Looking for the volunteers for walk
  161. the only canned food Jhinn thinks is edible
  162. are you walking with your dog on a = teplo trasse=?
  163. Lisa tries to get to the salami
  164. for those who move to Russia with their feline friends or adopt them here ;) dog owners are also welcome
  165. Two Love Birds
  166. families with pets ( dogs...) have healthier children...
  167. Good Pet Hotels in the Center
  168. it is a dog-s life indeed
  169. Meet Freddie
  170. Cat Travel from Moscow to US
  171. Blini for Jhinn
  172. Cat groomers
  173. GPS tracker for your dog or cat...
  174. never mind the article, just watch the video...
  175. when the cat is the boss
  176. now where is that mouse?
  177. tourist rip off with -Panda - Chow Chow in Sochi...
  178. do not let your dog run without a leash...
  179. Jhinn thinks this IS comfortable.
  180. dog owners are also welcome to read- today, 8th August, world CAT DAY!!!!
  181. does that look familiar to you as well?
  182. Where can I adopt (rescue) puppies in Moscow?
  183. he had a good time, suppose she as well, but when he found out she was pregnant, he dissapeared
  184. Husky puppies sleep n the refrigerator
  185. Domesticated Fox
  186. /Judge Judy/ a judge with compassion,knowledge, common sense and brains!
  187. the story of Otis, the dog seen carrying a bag of food on the streets during the storm
  188. Strogino only... 4 dogs dead, 4 at the vet clinic. dog hunters are at it once more
  189. so, Bello and Fido SHOULD sleep in the bedroom...
  190. fresh, not frozen, vac packed, heart lungs and tripe for FIDO
  191. IKEA for Cats and >Dogs
  192. DUMA wants to tax our pets...
  193. Father tries teaching son about the birds and bees...
  194. Dog and Cat Show with HOMELESS PETS! want a pet? get one there!
  195. super -house- for your pets... from old drawers
  196. Moving to Russia (Perm) with 2 dogs. Driving across Europe
  197. Want to give a REAL nice Christmas Present? have a look here...
  198. He can take a horse to water and make it drink...
  199. crazy world? or dog owners? -bubbly- for Fido and Bello...
  200. no need to read anything, pics speak for themselves
  201. the year of the -red firedog-? does not look like...
  202. they sleep where they feel like?
  203. the early bird might get the worm. but the cheeky fox for sure gets his fish!
  204. check out that KRASNODAR Photo, it is just great!
  205. cat and dog so close together
  206. thinking of buying an exclusive, highbred,super duper dog or cat? look at these pics first!
  207. - dognapping- scumbags found a new way to make money
  208. who has-had experience with dogs who have-had PROSTATITE
  209. check out the (guilty?) faces of these little monsters....
  210. live near a stadion? do not let your dog run unattended!
  211. fresh food for our freinds
  212. and a new -Pate- for the kitties....
  213. even if you are a cat lover, you will love THIS dog!
  214. if you have time and are in the mood for some smiles...
  215. the little guy climbed up 23 floors VERTICAL, AND GOT FOOD THERE...
  216. Wolfdog
  217. How do you take good care of your pets?
  218. while they are for sure not pots, shows Strogino ecology seems to be just fine
  219. amazing Kitty story from Siberia
  220. there ARE still caring people around, this time a cyclist in Turkey!
  221. THAT Kitty the people will remember for a long time to come!
  222. Looking for a groomer for my Persian cat
  223. Angy beavers retaliate in North Moscow...
  224. - if I sit quiet long enough maybe the mouse will move-?
  225. SIZE does not always matter.Rat chases cat...
  226. IKEA employees in Catania, Sicily, with a heart of gold!
  227. This lucky doggy and the owner will NEVER walk without a leash?
  228. massive dog food re call in the USA
  229. Help for the pet possesors in Moscow
  231. dog owners, watch what your dog is doing!poisonous meat around once more
  232. SIZE does not always matter, guts though do!
  233. useful link, if -when you lost or found a cat ,dog, canary, crocodile, anaconda...
  234. KittyCat -controls - tickets at railway station
  235. this Kitty for sure used up all her nine lives
  236. Now tell that to your elite Rex, Bruno or Butch when they get to -hoity toity-
  237. Each and every dog owner,pay attention to this article
  238. Two Cute Asian Turtles for sale
  239. what kind of duck is THIS?
  240. what do you feed your mini tiger..?
  242. to feed the squirrels or not? well, i for sure will not let them come close.
  243. 3 kitties just wanted a ride in a jeep!
  244. this what you do when you love your kitty!
  245. Offered: multi-service for your feline friend and adoption
  246. when these 3 think no one is at home...
  248. Cat travelling from Moscow to UK
  249. today 8th of August is International cats Day