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  1. tomorrow,8th of March.sick of giving flowers and chocolates?
  2. White Collar Society Networking - March 23rd
  3. April Curry Club
  4. 15th Apr - Trams parade
  5. Steak Night - April 6th
  6. -The Art of Lego- at Krasnaya Presnaya
  7. Guided Birding in Moscow Main Botanical Garden on May 12.
  8. 20-22 April 2017: Foreigners Life Exhibition Central House of Artist on Yakimanka
  9. Papa Don's Curry Club Goes on the Road
  10. when have you been the last time at the Vernisage in Ismailovo?
  11. get the warm blankets and heater out once more...
  12. Summer Music Course in Moscow
  13. - long nicht of the Museums- in Moscow
  14. is YOUR handy also on the blink?
  15. Curry Club @ Papa's
  16. Secret Pre-opening Party of DISCO Rooms
  17. Curry Club With Unlimited Beer @ Papa's Bar & Grill
  18. Lecture June 29th In Moscow - Buddhism and the Mind OPEN LECTURE FOR ALL
  19. Papa Don's Curry Club - 695 Rubles All You Can Eat
  20. Yoga Festival
  21. Papa Don's Curry Club - 695 Rubles All You Can Eat (June 27th)
  22. -Zero Waste - Exhibition, the Greenpeace Bus comes to town
  23. 4th of July Party
  24. Moscow heaviest storm since 90 years?
  25. any plans for the weekend?
  26. date change of premiere at the Bolshoi theater
  27. Tuesday Evening Keg Party
  28. Wednesday evening hikes (free)
  29. Red Bull Flugtag in Krilatskoye, lots of fun!
  30. Moscow City Days
  31. Red Square is / closed/, prep for Spassky Tower Military Tattoo 2017
  32. craft beer festival in town
  33. 1st September, 1st day at school.
  34. Do you love to sing? Welcome to the choir!
  35. Where is the bar in which there were MANY expats,on Nikitinsky pereulok( near the Theatre of Ermolova)?
  37. Sting concert in Moscow 3 October
  38. Tickets
  39. Disney Fantasia with orchestra
  40. Gustav Klimt. Egon Schiele. Drawings from the Albertina Museum ehxibition
  41. If you would like to eat or drink coffee in modern, warm and romantic atmosphere- Luce cafe
  42. Hallowwn Party in Moscow
  43. English Sunday Brunch December 3rd
  44. Gorky Park ice rink, it is cold enough now....
  45. Donnie's the 2nd Coming - Grand Opening
  46. English Sunday Brunch- February 25th
  47. Papa Don's 25th Year Anniversary
  48. Curry Club
  49. 13th Annual Taganka Children's Fund Bowling Tournament 2018
  50. -Mos Eda-, an idea to lure more voters but maybe get some good,cheap food and products?
  51. Do you love to sing? Join the Moscow Oratorio Society!
  52. Papa Don's Curry Club
  53. did you notice how dark it was yesterday night?
  54. BURNING MAN OBSESSION Mexican high-tech shamans MAYAN WARRIOR in MOSCOW
  55. 12 April,Day of the Kosmonauts, well worth seeing the newly restaurated pavillion at the VDNH
  56. i want my global warming back! weekend weather....
  57. they are out on parade once more, and no, not on Red Square. and no tanks
  58. Let's go walking together!
  59. I thought our good Mayor will make sunshine today?
  60. what is a 12 year old kid doing alone in the middle of a protest march?
  61. military parade on Red Square 2018
  62. fishy things happening in the center of town, well worth going AND BUYING
  63. Park Zaryardye, where the Hotel Rossia stood...
  64. Do Couchserfers meet up at Gogol Cafe still?
  65. Excursion to Kolomensky park, Moscow. 11th June
  66. International Brunch on Sunday :)
  67. Book festival on New Arbat,until last week in October
  68. Moscow Times - buyers guide - tour at Ismailovo. a waste of time and money.
  69. and one more cheers for the Fire department. GREAT MEN!
  70. Special offer «2 tickets for the price of one» on Remote Moscow show
  71. Five excuses not to go to the polls( this time for Moscow's Mayor)
  72. Sunday brunch???
  73. Sat/Sun ( 22nd and 23rd) Farmes Festival at VDNH
  74. what to do on the weekend,check out the LAMBADA flea market
  75. Children's Halloween at BarBQ Cage, 04 NOV
  76. I need English speaking volonters
  77. Thanksgiving Dinner
  78. rap festival at Crimea's nude beach...
  79. New Year's Eve 2019 @ H2
  80. Moscow Metro eat your heart out, these are BEIJING'S new stations
  81. SARATOV's Mayor uses public transport, arrives 2h late for work
  82. Tushino tunnel open for traffic once more
  83. I am glad we do not have gas in Strogino...
  84. Clothing Swap Party on Feb. 17
  85. no time yet to put away the winter clothes...
  86. began today, 1st March till l10 th March Moscow Maslenitsa. Venues all over town
  87. St. Patrick parade, Sokolniki, 16Mar, 12:00
  88. -Fridays for Future-, not much around here... school kids demos
  89. want to be a CCCP submarine Captain for a few hours? and once a moth entrance is free
  90. APR 10th - The 14th Annual Charitable Bowling Tournament
  91. Happy Easter 😍
  92. Pandas at the Moscow Zoo
  93. want to learn how to become a cheerleader? come to Strogino....
  94. Darina Shpengler
  95. 23rd August to 1st September Spasskaya Tower Military festival