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  1. Native English-speaking nanny/babysitter/governess for a 5yo girl (part-time)
  2. 1st day of school today
  3. Strogino: best Gymnasium of all Moscow
  4. playdate for english-speaking children
  5. Native speaker m/nanny needed
  6. Looking for a full time nanny
  7. YOUR help and participation is needed.
  8. Housekeeper/Nanny
  9. Native english babysitter/ nanny
  10. Howto fold a fitted sheet
  11. rose_rosy [一朵玫瑰色的玫瑰
  12. Children's Halloween Party 28.10.2012
  13. Play date near Strogino
  14. Seeking a native English-speaking governess living in Moscow
  15. car seat for sale
  16. seeking: housekeeping job/nanny
  17. Cherche une nounou francophone
  18. Activities for Families in Krylatskoe/Kuntsevo
  19. Looking for Nanny/house keeper
  20. Playdates to keep English language alive
  21. Santa Claus Service in Moscow
  22. Will New Year ever be the same again?
  23. where is Santa now (NORAD tracker tools)
  24. Ded Moros
  25. Open House For Children
  26. Oh I wish there was a place selling wholesale clothes in a distinguishing way
  27. "Children in Moscow" website
  28. Play date
  29. Gymboree Play&Music opened in Moscow
  30. Costume Stores?
  31. My twinnies
  32. English-language activities/classes for a 6 yo nat. Russian speaking girl?
  33. Play Mate and activities for 9 year old boy?
  34. Need a company for two children
  35. Need "dog-nanny"
  36. Mature English-speaking baby-sitter avaliable on weekends/оссаsional weekdays
  37. Family life
  38. ballet school
  39. seeking English speaking babysitter/nanny
  40. Need a swimming instructor for 3 year olds
  41. Outdoor Pools
  42. Kids Activities and Get Togethers
  43. Potty training
  44. 2013 baby names
  45. Baby Daycare (<1yr old)
  46. Baby gift list or registry
  47. breastfeeding and language learning connection
  48. $baby$
  49. Looking for a preschool or play group for my son
  50. Looking for English Speaking Friends for My Sons
  51. If you are looking for english speaking group for your children.
  52. How do you get your toddler into a Russian preschool?
  53. Fitness center
  54. nanny/babysitting/cleaner
  55. Place to buy an umbrella stroller?
  56. Halloween Parties for children in Moscow?
  57. Twas the night before Christmas in Russian
  58. Children's Halloween Party
  59. Baby swimming classes
  60. Moose Park animals?
  61. Yuzhnoe Butova four year olds and parents
  62. Sledding?
  63. Nativity costumes - need help
  64. English practice and games etc for a child
  65. Junior Sport
  66. New English Children's Theatre in Moscow
  67. sports clubs for children
  68. Anyone got headaches, or suffering from ...
  69. visa service, quick, easy
  70. Kids Rugby in Moscow
  71. Nanny Agency you would recommend ?
  72. Ballet classes
  73. 9 month until a baby is born
  74. Junior Sport in Moscow
  75. Flying Banana Children's Theatre
  76. Mom & Kids scoial/playtime
  77. -worlds best father-
  78. tickets
  79. Supervision July 7 and 8
  80. never mind the pizza and the wild russian cat
  81. VDNH to be restored as an exhibition center and recreation zone
  82. -Daddy stole my nose- but what replies
  83. Mythos debunked,Little House on the Prairie
  84. Kids Rugby in Moscow
  85. 1st day in school!
  86. An informal playgroup for English-speaking little ones?
  87. Kids swimming in Moscow
  88. guitar lessons for everybody!
  89. Butovo English speaking play groups?
  90. New family
  91. Baby groups in Arbat
  92. Best areas of Moscow for toddlers
  93. Birthday Outing Options
  94. Any Hallowen party options for a 4 y.o. in Moscow?
  95. Piano lessons for kids and adults,piano performance
  96. Swimming lessons
  97. Propiska for children and claiming benefits when one parent is a foreigner
  98. Looking for friends for my son
  99. Playdates
  100. x mas celebs around the world.add yours..
  101. English children
  102. looking for a german teacher
  104. don't forget it is Mother's Day on Sunday
  105. the boys guardian angel for sure worked overtime
  106. kids in Kindergarten make =soup= of hard drugs
  107. -disabled children should be liquidated-
  108. Russian for children
  109. new mini sized stroller
  110. lead poisoning in kids
  111. Master Classes for your kids
  112. if there ever was a `christmas present, this was one
  113. Baby, kids and family photographer
  114. Raising a bilingual child
  115. Creative workshops
  116. Looking for a kids playdates companions in Moscow city center
  117. Place for a newborn to be cared for?
  118. Johnson&Johnson baby powder, million $ fine...
  119. English classes for mums with babies/toddlers - Taganskaya metro, Wed, 11.00
  120. Fun for an older child in Moscow?
  121. Looking to organize English- or French-speaking playground
  122. Happy Easter to all who celebrate today!
  123. Moskvarium show on Fri 22.04 at 15.00 - mothers with kids!!!
  124. Moscow Youth Baseball League
  125. The greatest new place for the parents and kids for language learning and communicating. Open House tomorrow!
  126. kids are optimists! summer WILL come....
  127. death in karelia instead of fun and vacation
  128. Expats Week at SmartFox kids club - all classes in English (Art, music, dancing and many others) FOR FREE the whole week for expat kids 6 months-14 years old
  129. Bottled water for kids - keep away from children !?
  130. what is a MANNY?
  131. where the dog says -wau wau- or -gav gav-....
  132. Jewish museam
  133. Leaving nursery for the big school
  134. Baby activities or groups?
  135. Any recommendation for English speaking pre-schools in Moscow?
  136. kids and das home alone without Mummy!!!!!!
  137. Deprevation of parental rights / full custodial order
  138. English speaking speech therapist
  139. Urgent Help Needed
  140. all the - likes- and -thumbs up- in this world are not enough for this little girl
  141. American Kids Play Dates
  143. a little girl and her elephant
  144. SPINNERS definitely a NO for small kids
  145. one more reason to have children safe car locks and child seats in your car
  146. mother dying of AIDS, looking for good parents for her 5 year old son
  147. hiring out of children's strollers, big toys and other baby things.
  148. apparently the best antii dandruff shampoo
  149. parents, or maybe better mothers,tell your daughters about this
  150. I need a method to do away with a vile drawing in black on an entrance wall. Any suggestions?
  151. Halloween Party at BarBQ Cafe!
  152. this video every parent and child should see
  153. to everybody who is celebrating Christmas TODAY
  154. to everybody who is celebrating Christmas TODAY
  155. Six Santas from Siberia...
  156. Peodphiles
  157. Child Support
  158. do you use LACTALIS Babyfood?
  159. if THAT was not a proposal, than i don-t know...
  160. Little League Baseball
  161. kids drawing says -summer-, the weather says -not yet - first comes spring!
  162. staying fit this way, for sur could not be done in Moscow....
  163. Am I Wrong
  164. parents tell your kids, special girls, NEVER SEND ANY NUDE FOTOS
  165. Iodine is not only a helper when you got a scratched knee or ellbow
  166. never leave your kids alone. but still, they are adorable.
  167. kids have boundless optimisms, suppose that is good so!
  168. kids explain to me please how to play this game.
  169. Let's make an English-speaking club for our children?
  170. Relod Bookstore kid s club on July 15 th
  171. bilingual preschools in Moscow
  172. how - children safe - is it to order from Amazon? a six year old kid did it...
  173. New playground in Gorky Park
  174. AVIAPARK shopping mall - nice place to spend weekends when it's cold outside
  175. Patronymic
  176. to everyone who is celebrating Easter this week and special today
  177. what kind of cretin are this - parents - raising? hat off though to the teacher!
  178. that fire in the children's camp that killed four (so far)
  179. - Infant Inclined Sleepers - throw them away!!!!!!!!