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  1. Need Italian Lessons, Italian Teacher.
  2. English Lessons for Serious Learners and by a Retired Professional
  4. Need advice about the Public Kindergartens
  5. I.B math tutor required for grade 12 student
  6. FasTracKids early learning programs
  7. cooking classes
  8. ****Special promotion! English Nursery School offering 4 places for EUR 500 per month for a whole year. First come, first served, hurry!****
  9. Semester courses in the Russian language school "Enjoy Russian'
  10. GED test?
  11. Schools - need advice please
  12. Home school / education? Your opinion is required please
  13. kids summer camp
  14. Summer courses at MGU
  15. Daycare/nightcare
  16. Where to learn Russian?
  17. Recent experiences with Russian private schools?
  18. Best Pre university Russian course?
  19. Excellent pre-school teacher / nanny
  20. Art School in Moscow
  21. HELP!! BIS vs ISM
  22. Looking for French Teacher and babysitter
  23. Baby Swimming Teacher Training With Employment Possibilities
  24. MGIMO non Russian students.
  25. looking for a school
  26. TEFL online
  27. In Yaz - Moscow
  28. English speaking playgroups for 3-7 years old (center of Moscow).
  29. Are there any affordable English speaking schools in Moscow?
  30. Math Teacher in English Language
  31. Looking for English tutor for my kids 12 and 13
  32. [langtitle=ru]English teacher for children from 3-7 years old wanted[/langtitle]
  33. any US Bachelor programms in english in Moscow?
  34. Russian School qualifications - how do they compare to English school qualifications?
  36. Good, affordable kindergarten in NW Moscow (Polezhaevskaya/Sokol metros)?
  37. [langtitle=ru]Search for that who he speaks on English[/langtitle]
  38. Luxury Student Housing Philadelphia
  39. Looking for a russian teacher.
  40. Ballet school
  41. Review of http://expat.ru/forum/vbclassified.php?do=ad&id=9817
  42. privat french and arabic lessons
  43. recommend a good kinder garden
  44. serious& sensitive french girl looking for au pair job in Russia
  45. Free education
  46. Need 2 nannies: english and mandarin chinise
  47. IB french teacher needed
  48. free online education
  49. English-Russian exchange:)
  50. Good school around metro Novoslobodskaya/Dostoevskaya
  51. Medical card required from international schools?
  52. School distance?
  53. Ptit Cref, is it a good pre-school for kids?
  54. QA Online Training
  55. BIS vs EIS
  56. IGCSE tuition in Moscow
  57. [langtitle=ru]Communication[/langtitle]
  58. Is anyone doing CFA in Moscow?
  59. mathematics tution
  60. Daycare for a 2,5 year old.
  61. frensh lessons , cours de francais
  62. Housemaid/ nanny
  63. Qualified Italian teacher
  64. Spanish for children : )!!
  65. teacher of french language
  66. Drama Club for Expat Adults and Children opening in March
  67. part-time cleaning lady-nanny( English speaking) from philippines
  68. Kindergarten around Prospekt Mira ???
  69. Family relocating from US to Moscow
  70. Does the AAS recognize exemptions (medical/religious/philosophical from vaccination?
  71. English-speaking kids in Russian school?
  72. [langtitle=fr]governor/french teacher[/langtitle]
  73. english language education options in Moscow for 5 year old
  75. English and Maths Teacher for 5+6 year olds
  76. hair education
  77. Russian private schools for young kids
  78. [langtitle=fr]french lessons[/langtitle]
  80. Wall Street Institute
  81. Looking for a native Italian speakers
  82. PSA: public schools signing up for next year now
  83. Native English speaker seeking full-time position for next school year
  84. [langtitle=ru]English teacher fluent in Chinese wanted!![/langtitle]
  85. globus international uk
  86. TEFL
  87. Are there any Montessori teachers on expat.ru?
  88. Art/painting lessons in Moscow centre
  89. PLC training in INDIA
  90. [langtitle=ru]Looking for a native English teacher[/langtitle]
  91. Looking for English teacher
  92. Gorky Literary Institute?
  93. [langtitle=ru]Language Exchange[/langtitle]
  94. Gap year
  95. Does anybody know the salary for AAS?
  96. Mathematics Lesson for the Summer
  97. Nursery/kindergarten on Hodynskoe Pole - 5Green.ru
  98. The Queen's English Theatre Studio
  99. I need advice, I have many problems with dietsky-sad
  100. Summer Maths Lessons
  101. Drama Teacher/Actor
  102. Recommended Russian teacher?
  103. Atlantic International school/ kindergarten
  104. Looking for an University abroad Russia
  105. Sunday Hebrew School
  106. ballet school
  107. [langtitle=ru]English teacher[/langtitle]
  108. Transportation to AAS
  110. Best (for the teacher) English-teaching schools in Saint Pete
  111. Any recommendations for Russian Language School in central Moscow?
  112. Mathematics lessons
  113. Listing + Review of Moscow Public/Private schools?
  114. Unique Dance lessons!
  115. Children's English Teacher Wanted
  116. Moscow State University for learning Russian
  117. Mathematics lessons
  118. Mathematics & physics private lessons
  119. The School of Tomorrow
  120. Chinese Lessons
  121. Wanted : English teacher for English Children
  122. Music Rehearsal Studio / Practice Room
  123. exchange project in Karelia, Russia.
  124. Looking for the Native English teacher.
  125. Lookng for an ENGLISH TEACHER, please read for more details.
  126. Group Russian language classes
  127. Russian language at CIE at MSU
  128. tm lớp học tiếng trung
  129. Course Rhino for Jewellery
  130. International Baccalaureate progaram
  131. looking for a russian teacher who knows turkish
  132. Painting Workshop for Beginner
  133. Looking for a native English teacher for child
  134. I'm looking for a native English teacher for me =)
  135. piano lessons
  136. English teacher needed (Lang and Lit)
  137. International School in Europe
  138. Nursery school in Moscow
  139. Reception Fri., Nov 18: The US boarding school experience
  140. home tutor aviable
  141. Sad Sams
  142. Are the kids in the BIS and Anglo-American school brats?
  143. ISM and neighbourhoods?
  144. Piano lessons
  145. Looking for a French teacher for a child
  146. Need an English lessons from native American
  147. Touch Textbooks - Download College Textbooks!
  149. Looking for High education courses in English
  150. Spanish teacher in Moscow
  151. Absolute English
  152. Parenting new style...
  153. Eng tutor for a child
  154. College or Uni courses for AA or BA which are taught in English
  155. caregiver course
  156. Russian Lessons
  157. looking for indian or pakistani family
  158. Wall Street Institute Russia
  159. Master in journalism
  160. Degree study in Russia
  161. looking for IELTS tutor in Moscow
  162. Russian lessons - where?
  163. I look for the teacher on English.
  164. Looking for a native-French-speaking teacher
  165. Urgent answers on Oceans& Continents
  166. GCSE, SAT, GCE, GRE,... lessons
  167. Is Petit Cref too overwhelming for toddlers?
  168. free education for foreigners in Moscow???is it possible??
  169. Good Day to all
  170. Kidz Academy Moscow Blacklisting
  171. Russian universities that offer fundig
  172. Is it necessary to follow a cross cultural course
  173. english native speaker looking for summer work
  174. Summer intensive programme in June: native speakers needed
  175. Info On International School of Tomorrow?
  176. italian teacher needed now
  177. Kindrgarten offers discounts or Expat kids for June and July)
  178. British Educational Centre in Zheleznodorozhnij, near Moscow -- any information?
  179. English International schools
  180. English native teacher or tutor needed!
  181. American teacher 7 years experience teaching children in Moscow
  182. Pre-K in Moscow
  183. Native speaker needed for a language school
  184. Need an English lessons from native speaker
  185. Nursery school in Moscow
  186. please advise
  187. Are Russian people, with a Russian education, more successful in the UK or US or is it just a question of motivation?
  188. dyscalculia treatment
  189. Jay Walker on the world's English mania
  190. english speaking school for 7-13 year olds
  191. Looking for expats with kids of 10-15 y.o.
  192. Trying to find a university that offers distance education.
  193. Mathematics and Physics Tutor Available
  194. Art history -- advise required
  195. I want to learn Chinese (Mandarin). Any available teacher ?
  196. Native English Tutor (for children)
  197. English tutor/governess
  198. English (+maybe French) lessons for kids
  199. English teacher for children
  200. Italian teacher and italian lessons!!
  201. I need Native English Teacher
  202. admission to an American college or university
  203. American University?
  204. Anyone Homeschooling?
  205. Deutschlehrer fuer Kleinkind gesucht
  206. Native English teacher wanted for 9-years boy
  207. English speaking Math tutor
  208. Native English teacher wanted for 9-years boy
  209. Buy GMAT Books in Moscow
  210. Italian teacher offers Italian lessons
  211. English International School?
  212. Atlantic International School (AIS)
  213. International school of tomorrow
  214. BIS
  215. Oxford Crown ok in 2012?
  216. English-Russian practice exchange
  217. Horse ride
  218. State kindergarten for expat family
  219. Libraries
  220. A qualified native Spanish teacher is required!
  221. Russian language lessons
  222. Bilingual school?
  223. Legalities of homeschooling
  224. Tutor background check
  225. Moscow International Preschool
  226. Looking for a native English teacher
  227. Where to find children books in english?
  228. Which language would you like to study?
  229. Math tutor needed for 11yo
  230. School 8 & 4 yrs old
  231. Mutual lessons to improve your language
  232. Advice needed: Paying donation/construction fee even before admitted to international school
  233. Need US/UK school books for age of 5-6
  234. State kindergarten
  235. GMAT study club - Monthly?
  236. Puppeteers, performers, entertainers (native english) wanted
  237. Baby-Bilingual Club Open House for 1-5 year olds
  238. State Preschool/kindergarden
  239. Play Mate and activities for 9 year old boy?
  240. Surplus books - IB program
  241. Teaching at International Schools
  242. Deutsch Nachhilfe fr 3 Jahre Tochter
  243. Summer Intensive Russian?
  244. IB
  245. International Schools in Rostov on Don
  246. Exchange experiences about schools & colleges in Moscow with an emphasis on expat children.
  247. I need some advanced Russian Classes
  248. Advice for university in Moscow
  249. Russian Classes Needed
  250. Looking for an English teacher