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  1. Charity Donations: Will pick up anywhere in Moscow
  2. charity in Moscow
  3. Some more on the charities folder
  4. Volunteer Work in Moscow
  5. Charity concert for children
  6. Give a teddy bear to the children of Great Ormond Street Hospital for Xmas
  7. 100 MILLION Pennies,
  8. Any ideas about snowing?
  9. a dog is urgently looking for home
  10. Want to Donate Furniture to Charity
  11. Volunteer opportunity
  12. Volunteer to teach English
  13. Sending clothing for orphanage???
  14. volunteer work for children?
  15. Need a xerox
  16. Clothes for charity,anybody?
  17. Pro bono attorney needed
  18. Only 1 Click Please
  19. clothes for charity
  20. Donations to St Andrew's Church
  21. Items for Russian Children's Clinical Hospital
  22. Helping the elderly
  23. adult clothes for donation
  24. Small boy dies of cancer. Please help!
  25. Old clothes needed for prisoners
  26. sos Help for dogs in shelter
  27. Children's Shelter of Staritsa, Tver region, will accept use clothing
  28. leaving Russia...clothes left behind
  29. Chernobyl Children's Project International
  30. orphanage in distress needs help
  31. Important! Please Read First!
  32. Searching for volunteer job
  33. volunteer job wanted: human rights
  34. Native speaker for proofreading of small charity texts needed
  35. Moscow River Boat Cruise Fundraiser for Children
  36. Searching for possibility of volunteer job
  37. Attention, attention!
  38. pick up service?
  39. Kitezh
  40. Where to give/donante old baby clothes?
  41. eyeglasses
  42. Correspondence with a child from orphans home - what do you think of it?
  43. Any Orphange?
  44. volunteer in DOG shelters
  46. Harvest Advent Appeal
  47. Doing a lot of work for charity ...
  48. There ARE STILL GOOD NEWS around!
  49. Looking for a charity to donate clothes
  50. Volunteer as an English teacher (may be interesting if you are a student, if you like teaching and you are enthusiastic))
  51. The worlds greatest Shave!
  52. Chernobyl - 25 yrs on
  53. Where to Donate clothes, books, household items
  54. Financial help is needed to cover the debt for surgery of a stray cat with 2 broken legs, rescued by volunteers
  55. 6 kittens found near a garbage container need help and homes
  56. A cat beaten by humans needs help
  57. Asia Pacific Charity Bazaar
  58. interested in volunteering
  59. Gala Concert And Art Sale To Benefit Children's Burn Unit At Hostpital No. 9
  60. A foster home is needed urgently for a kitten
  61. St. Andrew's annual Harvest Thanksgiving-Advent Appeal 2011
  62. Clothes for the homeless
  63. A tabby cat thrown into the street needs help
  64. ROOF Charity Looking for Volunteers
  65. Gift of Life
  66. Help Needed To A 6-month Baby
  67. Places to Donate Clothing, etc.
  68. Charity event to help the children of Krymsk.
  69. Charity evenings at CoolCoz
  70. St. Andrew's annual Harvest Thanksgiving-Advent Appeal 2012
  71. International Pen-Friendships
  72. Going to the South Pole for a good cause
  73. interested in volunteering wondering where to start
  74. Can you help me organize charity events?
  75. Going to Ethiopia early May
  76. where can I give old clothes?
  77. Help for those suffering from the floods in the Far East
  78. Charity basket at Starbucks
  79. Helping out the elderly/homeless/needy
  80. Charity
  81. Volunteer work in Moscow?
  82. Help a child to live with his family! VERA Hospice Fund
  83. Donations of Toys and Clothes (Where?)
  84. Animal charity seeks help for a website
  85. Sponsor Required
  86. Bowling Night
  87. Friends of Family
  88. Charity Bowling Night (Wednesday)
  89. Web site design
  90. Free English Lessons