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  1. Back to back Family Visa from Finland
  2. UK husband applying for TRP on-line
  3. FMS Polyanka opening hours
  4. RF Citizenship - while keeping dual
  5. Exit visa for TRP-holders - only available from Pokrovka UFMS?
  6. How to do the Medical tests for TRP (TsAO okrug=district) done in June/July 2013
  7. Police report requirements if previously worked in other countries
  8. Russian Passport/Visa Free Entry for Russia
  9. Help, problem for registration after TRP
  10. Citizenship optons for Kenyan Citizen (ex student)
  11. Fast Track to Russian Citizenship for Parents?
  12. What to do after getting PRP - Advice?
  13. flying ( intl) with permanent residence permit
  14. Lived and worked in Russia for 8 years on rolling contracts. Would like to gain perm status.
  15. TRP without 6 months stay,is it possible?
  16. TRP to PRP - Registration
  17. A question related to RF citizenship
  18. How to find out when your PRP is ready
  19. Query about Exit/Entry Visa based on TRP (for second use)
  20. student have russian wife,, can i stay until take Temporary?
  21. Visa From Ukraine
  22. Is this process feasible??
  23. Advice/Help is welcome =)
  24. question about visa, EU National requesting TPR
  25. US citizen moving to Moscow. Wife is Russian.
  26. New PRP Rules (again) 01.01.2014
  27. Temporary residency when retired
  28. Extended Permanent Vid Na Zhitelstvo
  29. Can not apply for TRP if here on work visa?
  30. RF citizenship: personal experience and advice
  31. PRP - Criminal record check?
  32. TRP - re-registration after 1 year
  33. How much time are we given to pick up our TRP?
  34. REGISTER TRP after 7 days!!need help
  35. Temporary Residency after 5 years?
  36. Documentation decisions and procedures
  37. Help please, 5 year residency and national passport
  38. PRP and EU
  39. What are my chances
  40. What to do if It's absolutely impossible to get a propiska registration
  41. need appliacation for exit visa -кета для получения выездной визы!
  42. PRP Registration
  43. RVP/Temp Residency Yearly Registration
  44. Applying for TRP with Dual Citizenship
  45. Different spelling of name by FMS and ZAGS. Will this give a problem?
  46. non-criminal record certificate
  47. Extending a PRP
  48. Statement Renouncing Citizenship
  49. what days work ул. Покровка, д. 42 FMS for exit visa?!
  50. Where to apply TRP (quota)?
  51. benefits of TRP vs PRP
  52. re-register PRP today
  53. Medical Analysis for ВНЖ
  54. How to prove that a PRP is a work permit?
  55. Am I in deep kim-chi?
  56. In Russia applied for Temporary residency last week.
  57. Exit visa needed for TRP???
  58. chaos at УФМС
  59. Urgent question about TR
  60. Does a PRP give any tax-free import benefits?
  61. New Russian language law and TRP applications
  62. Can someone please enlighten me? :)
  63. visa extention: how to after applying for trp
  64. New Passport
  65. US criminal history report
  66. Getting lost in the bureaucratic maze: a cautionary tale.
  67. To PRP or Not PRP?
  68. How I got a US criminal history report in two weeks
  69. TRP quota closed for 2014?
  70. PRP Help
  71. Urgent question about exit visa with TR
  72. Translation and Notarization
  73. FMS office Michurinsky Pr.
  74. For US Citizens who are seeking FBI Background Checks....heavy delays
  75. PRP Rejected - What next?
  76. TRP How easy is it?
  77. Important changes in legislation! Russian language/history/law tests.
  78. An American in Russia 180 days
  79. can anyone email or post the new language test??
  80. PRP - registration stamp upon receipt??
  81. Can someone register me in the flat for 3 years for Temporary residence permission (TRP/РВП) ?
  82. Permanent Residency as "носитель языка"
  83. PRP annual "notification" in Arbat region - FMS has moved!
  84. TRP to PRP and then RF citizenship
  85. Temporary Residency time requirement??
  86. PRP in VAO - first steps
  87. Quota bribes?
  88. Vid na Zh. languages/legal/history tests
  89. exit visa takes a long time. My old visa hasn't been cancelled. Can I exit with that one if needed?
  90. TRP on Tourist Visa
  91. Temporary and permanent residency help
  92. Vid na Zh. proof of income
  93. FMS Consultant Service for PRP Questions?
  94. Language/History Test - Permanent Residency Permit
  95. Has anyone recently dealt with the FMS on Polyanka in Moscow, please?
  96. TRP - granted but there's a delay in picking it up!
  97. TRP - financial requirements and work patent
  98. TRP Reregistration
  99. Work permit for a temporary resident
  100. Language, Law and history test
  101. Vid na zhit. question
  102. citizenship granted
  103. PRP BY Invest
  104. Point system to get residency
  105. FMS won't issue my TRP - HELP!!
  106. Another happy morning at FMS!
  107. Quota TRP - do I potentially qualify or not? (Foreign job/ few admin offences etc)
  108. Anybody who wants to share for a propiska in the Moscow Oblast?
  109. Dual Citizen, has lived in Moscow 1 year now, & needs Registration Advice
  110. A second expedition through the thickets of red tape.
  111. TRP, PRP is moving to Novoslobodskaya 45
  112. Capital amnesty law and PRP
  113. Pregnant without TRP
  114. TRP registration
  115. What do I need to apply for?
  116. Russian language, history and legislation test
  117. TRP from Sverlovsk and Surviving in Moscow
  118. Prolonging your PRP
  119. Buying a property and getting Permanent Residency
  120. Annual reregistration refused on TRP. PRP will be ready soon
  121. Declaring foreign bank accounts if you have PRP
  122. Registering after temporary residency -- very grateful for help
  123. Links to make appointment/check readiness of TRP/PRP on-line + other useful links
  124. Expired multivisa, what to do?
  125. Question for Americans who got the TRP
  126. Help Required For Temporary Residence Permit
  127. Russia Language skill test
  128. 2400$ Fir TRP?
  129. Changes at Novoslobodskaya 45
  130. Permanent Residency
  131. Registration of PRP
  132. Request for help/idea :)
  133. Which is My FMS ? Cant Find It
  134. Applying for Temporary Residency on a Student Visa
  135. Temporary Residency
  136. TRP minimum amount of days needed to stay in Russia?
  137. Losing all coz of language test?
  138. Need Help ASAP about Permanent Residence Permit (PRP)
  139. How long does it take to receive TRP in NON QOUTA?
  140. 6 month without travel before apply for Permanent Residency.
  141. extending visa for compassionate reasons
  142. Renewal of PRP vs. renewal of passport
  143. PRP - new passport - what to do? how to get a PRP stamp in the new passport?
  144. PCC for TRP
  145. News about new migration center on varshavskoe Shosse
  146. Saint-Petersburg: new location for handing in yearly уведомление
  147. TRP delays?
  148. TRP while studying at Russian University
  149. TRP Quota ?
  150. Anyone know about TRP procedure for St Petersburg?
  151. Second visit to the migration center on Varshavskoe Shosse
  152. Urgent TRP time limitation question
  153. QUOTA TRP Newbie Question?
  154. Language Tests for PRP/Vid na zhitelstvo
  155. Can I Apply for Quota TRP on a Business VISA?
  156. Permanent Residency, no more than 6 months out of the country
  157. how to get out to the MMZ quickly and not get lost. and further...
  158. MMZ,are they for sure working tomorrow...
  159. Exit visa for TRP
  160. Docs needed to apply for citizenship
  161. PRP and Citizen Agencies
  162. this the beginning of an odysee at the MMZ
  163. Veni,Vidi,Vici, 5 more years Kvass patriot!
  164. who has COLLECTED a document from the MMZ?
  165. Russian language test to apply for residency and citizenship
  166. this is the old form for re registration of TPP and PRP
  167. TRP
  168. News about visa regulations for temporary residents
  169. Anyone know about new rules during the Federation Cup?
  170. More important news from the Sakharovo Migration Center
  172. Achtung ,Achtung, rules for registrations during the FIFA Games.
  173. Exit visas have been introduced!
  174. Permanent Residency - Passport translation???
  175. What are the disadvantages of having TRP
  176. If I own property in Moscow, will that speed up the process for getting Russian citizenship?
  177. legit or another snake oil seller?
  178. Language exam for TRP exceptions
  179. PRP holder and individual entrepreneurship income (working as a foreign employee)?
  180. new type header for registering your residence permit at the local OBD...
  181. Easier to get quota for TRP depending on which country you're from?
  182. Which visa in order to apply for TRP?
  183. Is the investor visa real?
  184. Changing Registration to Another Region
  185. Applying for a pension card
  186. How to know when ВНЖ is ready?
  187. Yearly submission of Proof of Residence at local УФМС
  188. I got citizenship
  189. Will Transliteration on Visa affect TRP
  190. PRP -- application deadline for renewal?
  191. Expiry of RVP and receiving внж (timing)
  192. Business Visa or Temporary residency?
  193. quota is out for next years TRP permits
  194. make sure you need nothing from OVIR,OBD,MBD during these days...
  195. Pension - turned down!
  196. St. Petersburg central migration center, talon system (for afternoon services)?
  197. PRP Collection
  198. Received letter of RVP approval, now what?
  199. transferring stamp, PRP, from old to new passport at MMZ, who has done it already?
  200. PRP Approved but Delay possible
  201. would have been to good to be true! and indeed it was...
  202. going out to MMZ these days, comment is valid only for SNOW days
  203. Misspelled Names
  204. Question for any Brits who have applied for TRP
  205. re registration of PRP for one year
  206. official and legal registration at your place, in my case with PRP that will soon expire
  207. i need to pay 350 ruble /gosposhlina/ to register at my apartement. anyone...
  208. Need help for temporary residence permit
  209. Migration cards will be no needed any more for TRP-PRP
  210. Proof of Your Right to Live in Moscow for TPR
  211. Language Test and Medical Tests at Sakharovo
  212. More than 6 months out of Russia on Permanent Residency Permit (Вид на Жительсьво)
  213. Anyone from Crimea?
  214. TRP question about criminal record
  215. we all have legal done papers only, havn't we?
  216. if they could do it like that in Sacharovo as well? as they do it in Singapore?
  217. TRP Documents accepted!
  218. Residence Permit Renewal
  219. Criminal Record from FBI
  220. TRP application for a Canadian citizen
  221. - foreigners - now have to be registered where they live, not where they are employed
  222. to all the wise guys who think only THEY are clever
  223. Do I need a multi entry visa with PRP?
  224. It took nearly 7 months, but I got my TRP and registration
  225. Urgent questions regarding Russian citizenship process and renouncing own citizenship
  226. How to get a TRP without being married
  227. Stamp in New Passport for Vid Na Zhitelstvo
  228. Language Proficiency Test
  229. New law re. PRP means no need to renew from 2019?
  230. Hello, how can I get a Russian Visa here in Russia or what ?
  231. PRP Renewal vs Citizenship processing time & British passport renewal
  232. Temporary Residence Permits in Russia
  233. Documents Required For Citizenship
  234. If you have PRP and ИП/IP
  235. Russian Language Test / History / Law Testing Centres
  236. New Law Perpetual PRP
  237. Urgent question regarding Russian citizenship application and dual citizenship issue
  238. what one should know about the registrations process in MOSCOW
  239. In-Country Minimum Residency Requirements for TRP & PRP
  240. Applied For Citizenship
  241. RVP - annual proof of residency etc.
  242. How Picky are They at Saxarovo About the RVP Application?
  243. looks like it is easy to have double citizen ship or the -green card-?
  244. Notarized Translation of ENTIRE US Passport
  245. New Rules on E Visa