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  1. Temporary Citizenship
  2. TRP renewal
  3. Where to Live
  4. Expecting TRP in April-How many days in a year should I be in Russia
  5. TRP - can you believe this one?
  6. Registration as Independent Entrepreneur?
  7. TPR
  8. Citizenship procedures - Language test
  9. Flying / Clubs in Moscow
  10. Annual re-registration TRP
  11. Visa & TRP
  12. Exit visa costs go up again to 1000 RUR
  13. Questions about work with TRP
  14. Internal Passport Application
  15. TRP under Quota in Moscow Oblast
  16. Permanent Residence and tax check
  17. Financial requirements for PRP applicants.
  18. work permit visa in London
  19. TRP Registration (Spravka)
  20. Where and how to get an INN number ?
  21. Temporary residence and work permit - good news
  22. Visa for Spouse of a Student
  23. Permanent Resident... Need transit visa for Belarus?
  24. PRP
  25. Passport Renewal with TRP procedure
  26. Just got my TRP/registration/visa - some tidbits
  27. Help on TRP!
  28. Question on TRP and 90 day visa
  29. PRP - which documents?
  30. visa run
  31. visa run
  32. What is a REP company visa?
  33. TRP - recommended agency?
  34. Vid Na Zhetelsva - yearly reg documents
  35. TRP, TRP
  36. Any Canadians who have gotten or are in the process of getting a TRP
  37. Permanent Residency Renewal Help Please
  38. What are the qualifications and requirements for applying a TRP
  39. Medical certificates for TRP/PRP: validity period?
  40. TRP and INN
  41. Registration after receiving PRP.
  42. New info on TRP
  43. Question about TRP...
  44. Staying in Russia for longer than 90 Days
  45. Place of Registration
  46. TRP and work permit
  47. cheapest/best place to get registration at?
  48. Few Questions!
  49. Transfer of TRP from St Petersburg to Moscow
  50. Between Vremonnoe Prozhivanie + Vid na zhitelstvo
  51. Student Visa
  52. Looking to rent dacha on the south-west of Moscow
  53. Vremennoe Prazhivanie... and flat contract
  54. The Statement From Spouse
  55. where is the 'РВП' document to download
  56. Got my PRP at last!!
  57. Collecting TRP
  58. Phone number to check on TRP progress.
  59. Temporary Residence Permit (TRP) procedures, registration, tax number, exit visa, work permit, etc. (Dutchman living in Moscow with Russian wife)
  60. Permanent residency at last. I've got it
  61. PRP yearly "uvidomlenie"
  62. Writing a quota letter for TRP...
  63. Do I really need a tax number (ИНН)?
  64. TRP DOCS List...
  65. married UK ladies and police check for TRP
  66. Yearly re-registration with TRP
  67. Exit visa TRP
  68. Work permit after TRP???
  69. Studio for long-term rent on Pushkinskaya from 1 May 2011
  70. a quick question if anyone can help
  71. FMS open Saturday 13th?
  72. Need help regarding my Russian Tax Liability
  73. Former Soviet Citizen seeking residency
  74. Time for a celebration , or .... not ??
  75. ‘Migration is always a plus’ says Russian visa boss
  76. TRP Agencies - Moscow Oblast
  77. Dear xSnoofovich
  78. Subject Access Question/Problem
  79. Work Permit for TRP holders - a change for the better !!!
  80. PRP: what it means for YOU!
  81. To Belarus with TRP
  82. British National - can you assist with Proceedure for Residency? ahhhh
  83. Notarized translations for TRP
  84. Temporary Residence Permit - quota
  85. URGENT, I need help with my visa
  86. Highly Qualified Specialist and Permanent Residency
  87. Permanent Residency
  88. 3 NDFL for residents
  89. Questions regarding legalities for TRP
  90. info, maybe out dated already
  91. french lessons 750 rb/ 60 min
  92. opening your own ИП
  93. Recommend my lawyer for residency permit avice.
  94. how to register after getting TRP
  95. Leaving Russia with a temp Visa
  96. A year after getting temporary residence
  97. Questions about required documents for PRP
  98. I got my PRP and now want to go for RF citizenship
  99. Is anyone ever denied for TRP
  100. TRP and criminal background check
  101. Sberkassa/Gosposhlina/Stamp
  102. Some Questions related to TRP (married to Russian and holding valid work permit for moscow)
  103. No diploma & retired. TRP?
  104. I am a 'white man' now
  105. Slightly Off-Topic - Criminal Background Check.
  106. Visa expires after TRP Application.
  107. Studio for rent
  108. Time for an update
  109. Is Residency Permit needed with Work Permit and Working Visa ?
  110. PRP reregistration
  111. PRP office at Prokovka 42 has moved
  112. sufficient means of income??
  113. Cheapest way out/in Russia to change TRS
  114. Moving to Another City on TRP
  115. How to transfer the PRP stamp to a new foreign passport.
  116. Yearly re-registration
  117. [langtitle=fr]Need room from May 25th to June 15th[/langtitle]
  118. Tax status?
  119. What you need to know about PRP and Russian drivers license
  120. Looking where to start..
  121. Highly Qualified Specialist / Permanent Residency / Tax
  122. Duel Citizenship
  123. Uvedomleniye on TRP
  124. QUOTA route to TRP. Step by step.
  125. PRP under a business visa?
  126. PRP and migration card
  127. TRP visa separate from passport -- where should they stamp?
  128. Married to a Russian for 3 years, seeking Russian Citizenship / Permanent Residence
  129. RF Change to Criminal History Report's Time of Validity?
  130. employment question
  131. Anybody gotten TRP not being married to a RF girl?
  132. RF Citizenship
  133. Work permit - Gosposhlina
  134. PRP annual registration
  135. How to get a PRP (non-quota)
  136. work permit on TRP
  137. studio for rent in centre of moscow
  138. Steps after receiving TRP
  139. Permanent Residency Language Requirement
  140. Leaving Russia on TRP
  141. PRP renewal (address and process) in Moscow
  142. Moving flat on a temporary residence
  143. Apostille needed from U.S. Department of State
  144. UFMS for North Western Moscow Doesn't Exist
  145. Wanted: support to obtain TRP
  146. 6 months have passed... no resident permit yet.
  147. Residence permit
  148. Can my spouse apply for the TRP without me?
  149. TRP Stamp in passport. What next?
  150. Experience with FMS in Vnukovo / New passport
  151. Important question about temp./perm. residence
  152. county criminal background check for TRP
  153. NEW PASSPORT after TRP
  154. Visa for 'family member'
  155. re-entering russia under RVP
  156. TRP re-register
  157. Fellow citizens of the RF, can you give me your advice?
  158. TRP re-registration proof of income question
  159. RF passport
  160. Immigration to Russian
  161. Khabarovsk TRP
  162. Moving to Russia/ HELP! lol
  163. Might be needed for -Shchukino, Shchukova,Oktoberskaya Pole
  165. Second Temp Residence Visa
  166. today, Friday 13th was my lucky day
  167. Highly Qualified Specialist/ Permanent Residency
  168. Permanent Residence Permit (PRP) procedures, registration, etc. (Dutchman living in Moscow with Russian wife)
  169. Russian passport and Zagranpassport
  170. RF Citizenship and military obligations
  171. PRP
  172. White Salary / Legal Work TRP / Defy Gravity!
  173. How do the FMS count days in/out when on PRP ?
  174. To obtain Russian citizenship
  175. TRP - wife not registered in Moscow
  176. re registration TRP
  177. TRP application in the Northern Administrative District of Moscow (САО – Северный Административн
  178. Travelling with Moscow TRP
  179. HELP: Which office do I apply in?
  180. Permanent Residency and Citizenship
  181. TRP w/o Russian spouse?
  182. Note regarding skin-venereal clinic on Leninsky Prospekt
  183. Exit Visa
  184. Stamp on FBI background check
  185. immediate help on trp issues, please! (Indian citizen)
  186. Do I loose my TRP when I get divorced
  187. What is a TRP?
  188. gosuslugi.ru registration — use passport or ВнЖ as ID
  189. Temporary Residency clarification
  190. How to get registered for TRP
  191. Hurry- FBI date stamp
  192. Documents for reregistration of TRP
  193. TRP V Work Visa
  196. Exit Visa Application
  197. Temporary Residence/Visa expiry confusion
  198. Info needed about applying for RF Citizenship
  199. Marriage, TRP and living outside of the RF
  200. Please Help! I need my Wife! :(
  201. You can call me now Gospodin...
  202. permanent residence, now to get registered where you live
  203. Translated passport for TRP annual inspection
  204. Travel abroad without zagranpasport
  205. FBI Check and getting it notarizied?
  206. Getting TRP after marriage or after giving birth
  207. Quota vs non Quota TRP : which and when ?
  208. TRP Questions
  209. Applying for TRP in an oblast where you are not currently registered
  210. Residency Permit 6 months outside Country
  211. Experience with re-register of TPR - NEW
  212. zagranpassport issuance
  213. Obtaining Permanent CitizenShip in RF
  214. In the middle of TRP process just a couple of q`s
  215. Just did my PRP application - thought I would share
  216. PRP and diacritical signs
  217. TRP/PRP in Khabarovsk Region
  218. who is a resident and who not?
  219. Query About EXIT/ENTRY VISA on TRP Basis ?
  220. When does Temporary Residency expire?
  221. Birth certificate for Russian internal passport
  222. TRP after marrying a Russian citizen
  223. Document Legalization for use in Russia
  224. Is it possible for me to live in Russia?
  225. Two questions with regard to the application for the RF citizenship
  226. Born in USSR = Right to Residency/Citzenship?
  227. PRP: Length of time you can stay outside of Russia?
  228. TRP Police Clearance - Country of citizenship or country where you live?
  229. help
  230. Russian Green card
  231. Temporary Residence Permit in Russia
  232. Prolongation for Temporary Residence Permit
  233. Apostille needed for birth certificate?
  234. Getting on the residency quota - St. Petersburg
  235. Different name current visa/marriage certificate
  236. Registration and exit visa after receiving TRP
  237. Temporary residence permit( non-quota)
  238. Work permit no longer necessary with a TRP!
  239. Expiration of medical spravki for VidnaZh?
  240. TRP to PRP
  241. Registration and "Rozrashine" needed for TRP
  242. Permanent Residency Status Annual Update
  243. how long maried?
  244. TRP Police Check for Brit
  245. TRP with new 6-month visas
  246. PRP at last, PRP at last, thank God almighty, PRP at last!
  247. temp residency visa
  248. TRP Transfer?
  249. TRP for American husband and children
  250. Can u get a TRP if u aren't working?