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Old 04-07-2009, 20:57
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Connections in Rostov-na-danu


We will be spending 4 months in Rostov-na-danu beginning in September - our first long-term stay in Russia, and the first visit to Rostov. (looking forward to it!). We are hoping to establish some acquaintances before our arrival in order to ease some logistics: housing, services, travel procedures, etc. Any locals from Rostov-na-danu who won't be too bothered by questions, etc? (are there wi-fi hotspots in town? how does one purchase a good red wine? most importantly - is there a McDonalds near the Southern Federal University?) Much obliged.

Mary and John
Old 04-07-2009, 21:32
ninatchka ninatchka is offline
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My sister is a studying in Rostov. If you'd like, I can give you her number....just pm me and i'll send it to you.
I know I'm in a world of my own, but its ok...they know me here
Old 05-07-2009, 21:51
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Hello Mary and John and welcome to the forums!

You may wish to Private Message (PM) member leelee who is from the UK and has lived in Rostov na Donu for 7 years:

His posts are always very informative and helpful.

I hope that you find this site to be full of good information and that you meet some nice people in Russian and particularly in ROstov!


All the best!
Old 05-07-2009, 22:09
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Hello, Mjts))

I was once in Rostov on competition.....Nice city...but I don't advice you to walk on the streets in midnight...

Not sure about Mc Don near Uni...but anyway the city is not that big, so u will not die from hunger)))

Welcome to the site an enjoy with your staying in Rostov!

Hugs, Miracle...

A vaincre sans péril, on triomphe sans gloire.

Old 12-07-2009, 19:37
leelee leelee is offline
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As Mud said

I have livrd here for nearly 7 years--- fire away with your questions

Old 13-07-2009, 14:12
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are there wi-fi hotspots in town? - yes. I can't say Rostov is filled with them, but some of them exist - free or paid. I've used free one at "Pivnaya biblioteka" restaurant at Budenovsky prospekt.

Local company ЦТС (Rostov PSTN) supplies such WiFispots list:
1. Салон "ЦТС-Интернет", ул. Социалистическая, 144.
2. ОАО "Донавтовокзал", ул. Сиверса, 1.
3. Бар "Честерфилд", пр. Буденновский, 1г.
4. Кинотеатр "Победа-КиноМакс", ул. Б.Садовая, 51.
5. Гостиница "Пушкинская", ул. Пушкинская, 121.
6. "Дом Кино", ул. Пушкинская, 215.
7. "Субарру", ул. Доватора, 187.
8. Ресторан "Сим-Сим", ул. Московская, 67.
9. Кафе "Зеленая горка", ул. Б.Садовая, 45б.
10. Гостиница "Солнечный круг", пр. Шолохова, 282.
11. Торговый комплекс "А'Стор Плаза", пр. Буденновский, 49
12. Пресс-центр ИТАР-ТАСС, пр. Буденновский, 37
13. Абонентский пункт ЦТС, пр. Стачки, 215б.

According to McD website there are 4 points in Rostov (I don't know how it is located regarding South Univ):
Ростов-на-Дону, Б. Садовая, 46, ТЦ “ЦУМ”, 1 этаж
Ростов-на-Дону, проспект Космонавтов, 6/2
Ростов-на-Дону, ул. Пушкинская, 104/32
Ростов-на-Дону, Ул. Зорге, д.33, ТЦ «Таллер»
IMHO quality of food in Rostov restaurants and cafe is far better than McD one.

But of course leelee should know better as I only visit Rostov sometimes, not living there permanently. But never had problems in midnight
Old 16-07-2009, 05:35
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Location: Rostov-on-Don
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ninatchka, leelee, mud, miracle and FatAndy

Tx for the replies and warm welcome. Of course I have questions about housing and the like. At the moment, I need to identify 4-6 cities in Russia where I might want to travel on my visa application. I've been to Moscow, St. Petersburg, Alma Ata - but that was years ago. What are your favorites/recommendations? TIA - Mary
Old 16-07-2009, 10:50
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Filled with hatred and cruelty!®
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Not far south from Rostov-na-Donu you can reach Sochi/Adler recreation zone - nice place, and North Caucasus mountain range (Elbrus area is not bad...).

Alma Ata now is in independent Kazakhstan. It was capital at Soviet and short post-catastroika times, but now Astana is capital.

I think you need to visit Kiev (hint - it's the capital of independent Ukraine now ), it seems to me it's most beautiful ex-USSR cities. Also I like Krasnoyarsk and Khabarovsk, if we mention cities of Russia.

If just great places - obviously you should visit lake Baikal (nearest city is Irkutsk but nothing super-outstanding in it), Altay and Sayany mountains (via Novosibirsk or Barnaul and Krasnoyarsk or Abakan, resp.), Karelia and Kolsky penninsula.

And, of course, Golden Ring of Russia towns (Alexandrov, Vladimir, Gus-Hrustalny, Ivanovo, Kalyazin, Kostroma, Uglich, Yaroslavl, Sergiev Posad, Rostov Veliky, Rybinsk, Pereslavl-Zalessky)
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