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Thread: every other bottle of water on the blacklist

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    every other bottle of water on the blacklist

    while it says the water is not unsafe or even dangerously to dring,it does not conform with information that is supposed to be there. or found chlorine that is not supposed to be in bottled water ( to ME personally it means, the clowns just used water from the municipality tap to put into bottles...).
    it is of course up to everyones own opinion to believe and buy or not to buy and drink bottled water. i never did, do not and never will. here we have a good filter on our household tap.and that is good enough for me. i will not waste money on somethign that i can get cleaner, better and cheaper out of our municipality tap.
    and if you follow the site regularity, as i do, you will find it are always the same companies with the same water who are the offenders.
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    I was just reading this yesterday.

    Better to buy a good filter.
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