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Thread: Is this enough money!?

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    Is this enough money!?

    This seems like the best place to ask this as the first response to my question will be "depends on your lifestyle" to which I will respond, I save save save and don't drink. I don't buy stuff I don't need and only buy gadgety stuff when my own is truly dead and buried! My outgoings will likely be rent and food.

    Is 38,000Euros per year after tax enough money for me to save?
    Further, how much potentially/realistically save!?

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    so, you want to know if roughly 210,000 rubles per month is enough?

    most people in russia make less than 30k rub, per month. for moscow, the curve is around 60-75k, so sure, you will be ok.

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    It depends where to live, where to have lunch/dinner, what car to drive and which club to use.
    Even in Moscow there are salaries of 20K RUB/mo.

    If you want to save as much as possible, ask local babushki about cheaper shops/markets and cook yourself, use markets and non-posh shopping centers to buy clothes/footwear etc.
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    You can rent an apartment for as little as 22,000 a month. Metro and bus 3,500. Phone 600 unlimited data with 200 minutes free.

    Yeah you could save about 150,000 rubles a month if you really wanted to.
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