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Thread: Russia small business ideas

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    Quote Originally Posted by finnandcork View Post
    My friends did thisin Portland for many years, goth/punk types who were fascinated by death and blood....made a killing(pun intended)
    Portland, Oregon? What is it with that place? Seems to be a watering hole for anarchists, for some reason...
    Government is like Fertilizer. A little is good, too much is a pile of crap.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheInterocitor View Post
    For $1K, you should include getting the business license, going to the notary and getting all the documents signed, setup with a good accountant to handle all the government social taxes, arranging for office rental and purchase of furniture, office internet setup, and maybe help with a couple of initial interviews with prospective employees.
    Almost impossible to find a good accountant. I know. I would gladly pay $1,000 for that alone.
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    I dont think so. All depend from the size of your business. Can find on part time for $ 500. Sure. Of course, if you have normal business (from 5.000.000 RUR per money flow) better to have a permanet accountant. I have business in russia from 1999 year. Now in my company 90 employees. In high season about 150.

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