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Thread: Free books, CDs, DVDs

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    Free books, CDs, DVDs

    I have a box with books in English (perhaps a few French), some CDs and DVDs that I would like to give away. Preferably into one hands. The box can be collected at my apartment near metro Tulskaya.

    If you are interested please message me your contact info and I will forward you photos of what I have via WhatsApp or e-mail.

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    tel 8 968 009 9098. ul. Svovodi 24-9. Pokrovka Streshnevo has opened a - second hand - bookshop. Our local knock and drop newspaper printed an article.I have TONS of second hand books. BUT it does not say will they take - ours - and pay us for them.
    But one can GET there books for 10 or 20 or 30 rubles to read.
    Information was very sketchy. Also does not say what kind of books they have.
    But maybe YOU can be the first one and report back here what is happening there?
    There is no greater treasure then pleasure....

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    I will take them Korkelia.....89652347590

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