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Thread: water meters install, new scam letter

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    water meters install, new scam letter

    Done very professionally. Looks like a real letter from the жку. But they say it is a fake, including the (stolen, made nearly as good as, misappropriated) stamp..... And their next spiel, now that hot water is being turned off for /maintenance/ it is the best time to install meters...
    [Ben, I've removed the pic as probably there is your personal address printed on - FA]
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    The main thing is the type of legal entity - OOO, so use the paper by destination.
    Their phone numbers by gugol' speak themselves:

    BTW, if you use website for monthly putting in water counter digits, note that every counter has (i) sign near the its number. If you put mouse pointer over, you'll see the next checkout day (срок поверки).
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