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Thread: multivitamins

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    Vitamins are useful for treating specific deficiencies but most people who use multivitamins just have very expensive urine, the Australian Medical Association president, Michael Gannon, says.

    Seven out of every 10 Australians take some form of vitamin or supplement but experts have questioned their efficacy and the shelf space they dominate in pharmacies.

    Adjunct Associate Professor Ken Harvey from the department of epidemiology and preventive medicine at Monash University told the ABC’s Four Corners program there’s little evidence to suggest multivitamins actually work.

    Buying multivitamins benefits the companies that manufacture them by boosting profits, but for the average Australian multivitamins provide “no benefit”.

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    it has been proven long ago, the only ones who are benefitting from this are the shareholders and directors of the pharma multies who flog the colored pills.
    if you have a well balanced diet, that includes fresh fruits, salads, not to much meat but more vegetables, one does not need any additional vitamins, multi or other. and only a doctor can decide that there are circumstances or needs when one should take additional vitamins. but these days they are being considered a remedy for everything that ails. and popped by the handful. the shareholders of course just love it...
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